some time fear can make the strongest to go away

James Davis is an Ivorian who came form Ivory Coast to take part in the Ghana strongest. James is know in Ivory coast as one of the country strongest, there has been let of program but in place to wine Ivorian strongest but no one has been there to stand to wine James. James was in Ivory Coast when he hard that Ghana was hosting its country stronger, James then decided to come form ivory coast to Ghana another to take part in the Ghanaian strongest. James come form Ivory Coast and lives in a small refugee camp call buduburam in other to apply for the Ghana stronger.

In the refugee community there was one widow woman called Mary that was very poor with 6 children to take care of, this woman was selling tar ground nut, bull eggs, canes, basket in other to take care of her children. Each time

James came form training and he will toke Mary business eggs and aid it, with out giving the money, this continue for weeks

Mary get angry one day and went to the James and told him to day I want you to pay me all the money you own me. James play fun out of Mary he get angry and told Mary all kind of negative word and then said I do not have money to give you. Mary said what;’ do not tell me that you do not have money to paid me,; Mary add today you are going to give me all my money you own me. James gets angry and told the Mary if you worry me i will show you my self. Mary also gets angry and said if you do not beet me for my money I will not leave you. James to Mary you are going to see what i will do to you this nigh. Mary get angry and told James I m taking you to the police for planning bad things for my life . As James saw Mary going to the police station he came from his room and rent out to one of his friend house.

Mary want to the police station and told the police’s saying I m a widow with 6 children I do sell patty business to take care of my children, there are one man who always take my business eggs with out giving me the money I told him to paid my money he plain bad things for my life, the police told mary go and call the man.;’, i came home I decided to wait for the James to tell him that the police want to see him. While Mary was awaiting James she saw him coming with one of his friend. As James and his friend reach the house his went straight to Mary to beg her for what has happen, Mary told James friend that she I not going to agree because James has plain bad thing of his life, and that the police has the story. James friend told Mary to forget about the police all he want is for Mary to agree to his appeal, so that it can be settle as family. Mary said the only way I will agreed is for James to go to the police station to show himself to the Ghana police, then I can tell the police that this is the man, but he has bag me for us to settle it as family. James friend agree as James and Mary get to the police station the police said James shall going in prison for two day for telling Mary he will harm her. Mary and the other bag the police but the police said no. the police get angry and told James friend to leave form the police station. James went in prison for two day; when James come form prison one week latter Mary was found die in her house no one know who kill Mary. James was arrest for allege death of Mary was place in prison for two days and free for let of prove.

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