Two Level

Mobile Menu


Recently I’ve worked on a Project with a pretty complex information architecture on two levels.

While the Desktop version had its challenges, the first drafts of the mobile version became pretty messy and hard to use. So I went a step backward and defined some key requirements that should help me to find a better solution

  • Access via burger icon and support for drag gestures
  • Separate second level but preserve quick access to the first level at any time
  • Preserve level status after selecting a second level menu item
  • Integrate quick access to the search functionality on both levels

After some wireframes and prototypes I came up with a solution that combined common mobile menu interactions with the list of requirements and some nice transitions and interactions.

You can find a working prototype on my Website

Tryout the Prototype



I’m a Frontend Software Engineer currently leading Design Systems and Design Tooling at ResearchGate. Follow me: @weaintplastic

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