A new interaction pattern?

Roland Lösslein
Jun 12, 2015 · 1 min read

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Image for post
A screen capture of my prototype crafted with Framer

Recently I stumbled upon feedly’s post here on medium where they share some interesting insights about the process of redesigning their mobile platform following the principles Google’s material Design.

While many of the things shown there are already quite common, on certain thing caught my attention. Arthur Bodolec, Design co-founder at feedly, showed an interaction pattern, I’ve rarely seen before. Like the widely adapted Pull-to-Refresh interaction, Pull-to-Return instantly throws you back to the overview once you overdrag the content to a certain point. Unfortunately Arthur noted that this particular feature will be definitely shipped one day even it is not included in upcoming releases.

I really wanted to know how this might work out in the wild. So I sat down and crafted a prototype using Framer and I really love the result. Feedly did an awesome job and the whole idea of switching from article back to the overview that way feels so natural.

I’ve uploaded the prototype to my website. I’d love to hear what you think.

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