We All United
2 min readAug 22, 2022


Happy people getting a small food bag. Help from We All United

Beginning of Giving - Chapter One

We had a vision a few months back, no knowledge and no experience at all, just hopes and a will to help the needy, all over the world. We still are at the infant stage, but we learn to move… with baby steps. We know that if there is a will, there is a way.

So many great charities around and every single one, doing their bit in their own way and surprisingly, despite all obstacles, making a little or a bigger difference and impact, to everyone blessed to receive the help.

People getting food bags in one of Manila’s poor areas

We were asked who we want to compete to? No one… We are not here to compete, but to add. Is so much help needed everywhere and we will contribute to it as much or as little as we can.

Our Amazing Ambassador, Shelle from Philippines, together with her friends, managed to hand over some food bags, to a few people. She choose to go to the outskirts of Manila, in Barangay 167 Llano Caloocan City. The people were chosen based on the recommendation of locals. The heartbreaking decision was to choose who needed the most, the packs, as most of the people living in that area, are not that fortunate. In the end they left some people happy. Those, few moments of happiness, sometimes is the drop of hope needed to keep fighting for a better life. We really hope that soon we will be able to come back here and check again on them and make sure that they are ok.

A collage with few of the photos, Shelle managed to take

We don’t want to keep you too long. We thank you for stopping by and if you want to be part of our journey, get involved or only to know more, don’t forget to check us on our Website, Twitter, Discord or Telegram.

The story has just begun. We are one… We All United