What is Bank on Yourself, Infinite Banking, Privatized Banking etc?

When I tell people about how I stopped paying banks thousands of dollars in interest charges, and pay myself instead, they want to know how. This brings up the detailed explanation, of how to become your own banker, using a specially designed insurance policy.

I Never Liked Homework

Rather than go into full seminar mode or hand out a list of books to read, people want the short and simple answer. I found the quickest way to explain the banking concept is from two of the best Austrian economists: Robert Murphy and Carlos Lara. …

Becoming Your Own Banker — 002 transcript

Eric Kouvolo : Well, welcome back to the show everyone we are really excited. Today we’re going to dive a little bit deeper into what is the Infinite Banking concept, and give you a big overview of what it is, how it works. It was something I discovered years ago it kept popping up. I eventually read Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash. The concept alone, I mean, as a finance major and having the background that I had, I had never heard about this concept, basically made me pretty excited. So once again we have authorized practitioner and infinite banking expert Frank Riedel. How you doing Frank?

Frank Riedel: I’m good thank you Eric

Eric Kouvolo: Wonderful, great to have you back. This is something that unique in a lot of people never heard. Rather than going into the nuts and bolts right away which we will do in future shows, the thing about infinite banking is it like the name states, it’s a banking concept, and it’s infinite on how you can use it. So real quick maybe just explain how banks work and what people can use this banking concept for Frank. Frank Riedel: So banks really are masters at making money and the banks make their money based upon the…

Indexed Annuities — The Facts:

Using Fixed Indexed Annuities, insurance companies guarantee lifetime income for a critical part of your retirement plan. Annuities are not investments. Instead, they are contracts you enter with multi-billion dollar financial institutions that are regulated by 50 states. To maintain Triple A ratings, they are transparent to regulators and are considered to be extremely conservative.

Insurance companies have higher reserve requirements than banks.
Insurance companies must comply with strict investment guidelines.
The 30-year bull market in bonds may be over. The Fed has said it will continue to raise interest rates, which is not good for bond…

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