10 LIRP Pros and Cons — Life Insurance Retirement Plan

LIRP Pros & Cons

8 Benefits of a LIRP

1. The LIRP provides Safety and Guarantees

A Guaranteed Investment Floor

You Get A Guaranteed Death Benefit

2. Retirement Income in Life, and Replacement Income in the Event of Death

Long-Term Care

3. Protect yourself against rising tax rates

How is a LIRP exempt from tax?

What about interest?

4. A LIRP is Penalty-Free

LIRP vs. 401k

5. Banking Business Entry

Infinite Banking

6. Long-Term Care

7. No Funding Limit

8. Different LIRP Options for Different Objectives

What does LIRP stand for?

What is The Ideal LIRP?

2 Reasons a LIRP Is A Bad Idea

1. LIRP’s are too expensive

Paid-up Additions

2. LIRP’s Grow To Slow

Retirement is coming





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Hari Luker

Hari Luker

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