The 555 Manifesting Method to achieve anything you want

Before we talk about this 555 method let us look at repetitive numbers. These repetitive numbers are called Angle numbers in the law of attraction.

Examples: 111,222,333,444,555,666,777 and 888 etc …

We usually use the angle numbers 333, 444, 555, 666, and 777 when rewriting a target. That is, 33 * 3, 44 * 4, 55 * 5, 66 * 6, 77 * 7.

How to choose the Angle number that best suits your goal?

These have special purposes.

  • 33 * 3 — Goals that require balance (for those things in your life that you think are unbalanced)
  • 44 * 4 — Targets for Abundance (I have money, but I need more money. I’m in love, but I think I need more)
  • 55 * 5 — For those who expect a positive change in something
  • 66 * 6 — For physical health and appearance
  • 77 * 7- For those who want a strong relationship

Decide how many times a day you will write according to your goal.

Many people ask about the method of 555, so I will tell you about it. The same procedures are followed for 333, 444, 555, 666, and 777.

5*55 method in 12 easy steps.

1. To do this, choose a time after waking up in the morning or after going to bed at night.

Reason: The first 30 minutes of sleep and the first 30 minutes after waking up in the morning are periods when your subconscious mind reprograms.

Or choose any time of the day that is quiet and your mind is calm.

2. Think clearly about what you want.

3. Use the 5*55 method to achieve the simple things you need for life.

Do not suddenly choose something like “I want to get rich, “I want to buy a car, or I want someone to marry”.

Instead, choose something like a call from a cousin in a faraway place, a delicious meal, having a chance to go on a picnic with friends, or a small gift.

Reason: Choosing something small increases your confidence in the law of attraction. (Once you have some confidence in this, you can use this method for big things too.)

4. Then, prepare a sentence for what you want.

Write a sentence that is neither too short nor too long here.

Inject your feelings into it. For example, I’m satisfied, I’m thankful, I’m grateful, and so on.

“I am grateful” is better.

5. Make sure to use “I am” in the sentence.

Ex: I’m thankful to get a phone call from my friend (person’s name ).

6. When writing a sentence, it is necessary to write that you have fulfilled your purpose. That is, from the present tense. (I am so grateful that I am receiving a phone call from my friend David)

7. Now you have completed the sentence.

8. Get a pen and a book. It is better to keep the book attractive.

9. Write the sentence you selected 55 times. (Continued, without rest)

10. As you write, read each sentence aloud or in your mind. Your feelings are more important. Read with emotion.

Read happily, thinking that you have received the phone call you were hoping for, thanking the universe and your friend, and then visualizing how you are doing.

11. Now, you have not only written that sentence 55 times but also read it 55 times.

What if I accidentally write more than 55 by mistake ??? There is no problem with that.

12. Finish the task by finally thanking the universe for fulfilling your hope. Do this for five consecutive days.

You can do this again after five days for another purpose.

Keep in mind

  • Results are available at the end of 5 days. May be available before the end of 5 days too.
  • If you still do not get the results after five days, you can continue to write the same sentence after five days until you get the results only if necessary. (But five days is usually enough.)
  • During these five days or after five days, thinking about what you asked of the universe, thinking about when and how, and complaining that I have not yet received results will prevent you from getting results. Believe that the results will come someday.
  • The person who does 5*55 with great confidence will get some hints regarding what he or she has asked, and the relevant thing will be done very soon.

55*5 is one of the powerful and simple principles of the law of attraction to empower the subconscious mind.

Warning: “55*5- For those who want a positive change in something” I mentioned earlier. But sometimes, this has some potential to be the opposite of what you expect.

Suppose you are attracting a person you want to meet. If he or she does not make a positive difference in your life, you may not get the result.

So do not use this method for things that do not make a positive impact in your life.




Welcome to my Medium blog. Here I am publishing articles on Wealth, Success and the Law of Attraction.

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Welcome to my Medium blog. Here I am publishing articles on Wealth, Success and the Law of Attraction.

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