WealthSecrets Weekly Meeting Summary — Together We Will Win

Summary — 26.03.2022 (Weekly Meeting)

1.Oddster Campaign ongoing
Copy odds shared via bettico to win as others do.

2.Ambassadorial roles in the future for popular personalities and WSC community members alike

3.MVP (Minimum Viable Product) still available on website download now

4.Positive feedback from apple.
IOS version of Bettico MVP already ready waiting on concluding talks with apple

4.Playstore talks concluded. Watch the announcements for more good news as MVP is put on playstore.

5.Another burn Incoming after we go live on playstore. Details will be communicated in due time.

6.2nd Phase of Airdrop to follow. Currently being worked on. Details will be communicated at the right time.

7.Website store being worked on. Hopefully soon you can wear WSC branded apparel anywhere.

8.More strategic marketing planned for the future

This and many more discussed. Join next team meeting for updates on WSC.

Remember this is a community run project. Take part in its success rather than sit on the lines asking questions that have been answered a zillion times.

Together we win…..

WealthSecrets- Creating Wealth through Innovation and Technology.

Bettico — Good games, good times



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Wealth Secrets ($WSC)

Wealth Secrets ($WSC)


WealthSecrets ($WSC) is all about Wealth creation, innovations and entertainment. Blockchain’s first social betting platform for betpreneurs around the globe.