Hello Wealthpreneurs,

Due to the recent conditions of the market the wealthsecrets team sat down with bitforex to determine the best way forward to ensure a successful IEO whilst old and new holders get the best deals.

We are happy to let you know that it was agreed that the current IEO price will be recalculated to ensure whoever purchase during this period gets the same amount of tokens as the price amount of Dex at IEO end.

- No Tax
- Bonus tokens for Top 50 purchases
- Bonus Tokens for purchases over 500usd

End: 27th June @3pm (GMT +8)
Don’t miss out

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Whats cooking Wealthpreneurs,

Y’all been anticipating greatly when Cex Listing is coming. We Happy to announce that we have finalised a date for Cex Listing.

Date: 13th June 2022

This and so much more to come from the Franchise. Creating Wealth through Innovation and Technology, that’s the WealthSecrets way.



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