3+1 Reasons To Monitor Stocks

Reason #1: Profits

Take a look at the charts of your favorite company. Let’s say, Amazon (symbol AMZN) is one of the most popular company that significantly simplifies our everyday lives. If you bought the stock 3 months ago, you may have already made 30% profit on your investment.

AMZN’s stock price change for 3 months

Another company, that you should take a look at is Netflix (symbol NFLX), same time frame, 41% return. Having both of them in the watch list can help you to identify and catch the investment opportunity right on time.

Reason #2: monitoring stocks means monitoring companies

WealthTrack app helps you to get the most recent news on any stock (and even crypto) you can find. Stocks price movements rely on real time news, from the consumer standpoint you may miss certain press releases or important collaboration announcements. When you watch the stock closely, news come up right in time and you, as a consumer can get the most advanced and interesting updates.

News for NVIDIA stock featuring some important improvements

Reason #3: buy / sell the stock on time

When you have your watch list set up, look through the newsfeed for some of stocks you follow — time to create custom triggers (or alerts). Let’s say, you think that Amazon is trading too high cause eventually the stock is at 52w highs right now. What you can do is: set up an alert when the price moves down 5% and catch the stock on bounce. You get the alert as soon as the stock hits the level you want and you get a chance to trade it.

Reason #3+1: monitoring stocks is easy

With WealthTrack app, stock monitoring gets easier. Add stocks to watch lists, create alerts, watch analysts recommendations and get the most recent news. WealthTrack is a perfect app to replace default Stocks app in your iPhone.