Measuring Call Centre Effectiveness

Call centres are designed to handle a large volume of phone calls and to manage customer service more efficiently. They also come with a higher cost and reduced interaction with customers. To ensure your call centre is doing the best job possible and helping your business grow, you need to be able to establish analytics which measure important aspects.

What is Analytics for a Call Centre?

Analytics for a call centre would determine how effective and efficient the centre is as a whole as well as which agents are the most effective. It could analyze which methods and tools used provide the best results.

Not only do analytics help a business monitor the ability of the call centre to meet the needs of the customer, it assists from a Human Resources perspective. Employers and managers can reward employees based on performance and encourage more positive results.

What Kind of Analytics Should be Used?

You’ll find all kinds of analytics tools available for use in a call centre. If you’re a small business, you won’t have time to monitor everything or review multiple programs. You must choose the best options which tell you what you want to know.

Text analytics — tells managers about the messages received through written documents and social

media as well as text messages. It provides information about messages sent and received.

Speech analytics — a newer measurement, it tells managers if there are areas for improvement such as using a script or other methods to achieve the desired outcome from a call.

Predictive analytics — reviews previous performance to determine future results, such as number of agents needed at specific times to handle call volumes.

Desktop analytics — measures the effectiveness of the systems and ensures they are working properly. It also identifies areas where training may be needed and identifies any unnecessary or redundant tasks.

In practical terms, analytics identify issues that customers complain about. For instance, it may include length of time a customer is on hold or how many times they are transferred in a single phone call. It may identify problems with turnaround times for answers to customer issues. When the information is reviewed, it can help the business owner or manager determine if more staff is needed or more training is necessary. Perhaps procedures need to be updated to ensure everyone is more working more efficiently.

The Results

Once you use analytics to measure how your call centre is doing, you can make changes to improve the results. This often means more time spent with the customer or answering their issues and questions faster and with less wait time.

The end result is better customer service and more satisfied customers who are loyal to your company. If you cannot provide this level of service to your customers, it’s better to outsource it to a call centre agency that can provide the analytics and results you need to keep your business growing and thriving. Measuring performance ensures what you’re doing is correct and being done the right way.

Ashley Meszaros is the Owner/President of We An-Ser Communications in Calgary. We An-Ser Communications provides award winning call center services in Calgary, dispatching, medical answering services, man down services, lone worker support, wireless panic services and more. They service the North American market.

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