Now that we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, the last thing we need is panic to get in the way.

Note: just right after I finished writing this story, vaccinations have resumed as the EMA stated that there is no risk from the AstraZeneca vaccine. While this was bound to happen, it doesn’t affect my point: suspending vaccination caused panic among the population and trust in the vaccine needs to be rebuilt.

EDIT (March 31st, 2021): there MIGHT be some causal link between the vaccine and thrombosis. If this is the case, some parts of this story are no longer valid. …

What common sense can teach you about success.

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There are almost 8 billion people on this planet. Let’s all play a game.

We all start with one dollar. Every day for a month, each one of us flips a coin. Those who get tails lose the game and have to pay all their money. Those who get heads keep playing and split the money of those who got tails.

The Game

In the not too distant future, we may look at 2020 with gratitude.

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Do you know what’s worse than having writer’s block? Having so many ideas that they paralyze you and you end up writing nothing. That’s what happened to me in the past two months.

I had the idea of writing this story one month ago, when two things happened. First, I read the book Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, and I recommend you read it as well if you can withstand the author’s cockiness. Second, I read the Italian interview from La Repubblica with Biden’s adviser Michael Osterholm, who said that the next pandemic will be worse. …

Inaction is better than harmful half-decisions.

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Trigger warning: heavy use of the F word.

I decided to publish the very first draft of this story, without editing it in a more neutral emotional state, because I think that my anger can more effectively convey how bad I perceive the situation to be. I talk about the situation in my own country, Italy, but from what I hear, many governments in the world aren’t so different.

What. The. Actual. Fuck. Is. Wrong. With. My. Government.

This is not my usual type of story. …

The normalcy bias generates a false sense of security.

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Every once in a while, I like to give my readers an existential crisis by reminding them of the many things that can go terribly wrong in the future.

This is one of those times, but I’m doing something a bit different. If you are looking for “10 ways the world could end”, this is not that kind of story. …

Practical and fun techniques you can apply right after you finish reading this.

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This summer, after months stuck at home, bored Zoomers discovered a new way to make use of their newfound freedom: the app Randonautica (don’t worry, this is not what we are going to talk about).

According to its creators, Randonautica is an “attractor of strange things”.

It basically gathers a series of “quantum data” and generates coordinates corresponding with either a high concentration of “quantum dots” (attractors), a low concentration (voids), or both (anomalies).

Oh, and you are supposed to “think” about something, i.e. set an intention, before doing the quantum spell.

The quantum part was enough to make me…

Everything is at stake: from the end of privacy to the end of humankind.

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The advancements in Artificial Intelligence are shaping our society more rapidly than we can imagine. Some changes will be good for us, others will be bad, most of them will be irreversible.

I have already expressed my concerns about Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) in stories like this. In my opinion, an AGI poses the greatest existential risk right now, even greater than climate change or nuclear war.

It may turn out that AGI development will take a very long time or even be impossible. But it doesn’t mean that we are safe.

AI is already posing ethical problems nowadays, from…

SIMPLE goals are a better alternative.

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When I was 18, I published my first Android app on Google Play. It wasn’t particularly great, but a lot of work went into it. It got a thousand downloads. It was a good start for me.

Right after that, I created another app in less than a week. Then another. And another. I created a paid app and made $300 from it. It wasn’t much, but considering that it took me just one day to develop and publish it, I was satisfied.

Then I started university. I wanted to work on more serious projects in my free time, but…

Stories that will give you new perspectives on politics, society, and current events.

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This is a collection of I, Human stories on politics, society, and current events. Our society is extremely complex, but we can’t improve it if we can’t understand it. These stories explore new perspectives to help us build a comprehensive picture of our world.

I will keep this collection updated as new stories will be published.

Philosophy and Psychology of Politics

Conservative versus Liberal. Right versus Left. Republican versus Democrat. Red versus Blue.

Good versus evil. Rich versus poor. Young versus old. Winner versus loser. Equality versus freedom. Few versus many. Deontology versus consequentialism. Past versus future. Us versus them.

Politics feels like a sport…

Stories for those who just want to be great.

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This is a collection of I, Human stories on productivity, habits, and success. These stories will help you make the most out of your life, because we can’t improve the world if we don’t improve ourselves first. I also included a few related stories from other publications.

I will keep this collection updated as new stories will be published.

Work and Success

What’s the secret of success? If only I had the answer, I wouldn’t be writing this! Just kidding, I would simply procrastinate and achieve nothing.

Anyway, there is no “secret” of success. There are some guidelines, or ways to improve your…

Luca Rossi

On a quest to build an AGI that doesn’t destroy us. Sharing ideas to improve ourselves and the world.

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