Morning Recovery is upgrading. Say hello to More Labs.

More Labs
More Labs
Mar 3, 2019 · 3 min read

Written by Sisun:

In July 2017, I left my job at Tesla to launch Morning Recovery’s Indiegogo campaign, and became known as “The Hangover Guy”. While it’s been exhilarating to see Morning Recovery take off, the truth is that I didn’t leave my job to sell a niche beverage online. Our team has always had bigger ambitions, which I’m excited to share publicly today.

When we launched Morning Recovery 18 months ago, it was just the first step in a bigger journey. We wanted to create science-backed products that deliver a real difference you can feel great about. Our mission was then and is now to help you feel your best, so you can do more of what you love.

But first, we had to prove to customers (and ourselves) that we could create something that works. We launched Morning Recovery and hit new milestones, step by step. We focused on perfecting Morning Recovery’s formula and found a community that values productivity. We then assembled a diverse team hailing from technology, operations and consumer products. Finally, last April, we raised Series A capital from investors who understood our vision and invested some of that into academic research to get smarter about getting smarter.

Today, Morning Recovery has over 130,000 customers and we’ve sold over 2 million bottles globally. We are lucky enough to work with investors who share our convictions, who have helped fuel our R&D to develop unconventional and unique products. We grew our team to 20 full-time members based in Los Angeles, including our R&D team led by Dr. Fu Chen, a former FDA fellow.

It took us a year and half to get here. We’ve stayed close to our community, and have iterated faster than most CPG companies on product formulas, branding, and distribution channels. We are obsessed with designing solutions for customers who have high expectations and aspirations to match. We want to create products for all.

Today, we are excited to introduce More Labs — a natural extension of the vision behind Morning Recovery. More Labs is our parent company that will develop new products to help you feel your best, so you can do more of what you love. We’ll help you outsmart rough mornings. Outsmart brain fog. Outsmart stress. Outsmart yourself. Tell us what daily stressors slow you down, and we’ll work our hardest to solve them.

We are kicking off More Labs with the introduction of an upgraded Morning Recovery: no artificial flavors, no sugar, improved taste, patent-pending technology, and improved efficacy. Better mornings are just the beginning.

Thank you for supporting our journey so far. Get pumped — there’s MORE to come!

Sisun Lee

Co-Founder, CEO of More Labs

Written by

More Labs

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