4 steps to kickstart your email marketing

Email is one of the best consistently converting platforms out there today, and it’s important that you get it right.

Here are my top secrets to kickstart your email marketing success!

1. Quality over Quantity of subscribers. It is better to have 50 raving fan customers who buy every time you send out an email, than 50,000 who don’t even open it.

2. Convert existing interested website traffic by putting a signup button after the checkout page to encourage that all-important customer relationship, and follow-up.

3. Collect emails by; Giving freebies in return for their email address, collecting emails at exhibitions and events, online contests, register for downloads, ask your networking connections for their emails.

4. Split-test different subject lines and metrics such as open rates, CTR, click through rates, to make sure you are getting the absolute maximum out of every email you send out. You can test your; Subject lines, body copy, call to action, layout, images, day of week sent, time of day sent, tone of message, amount of personalisation, “from” line etc.

Here at Arise, one of our specialisms is Email Marketing — contact us to take care of all of this for you, and let’s get your sales funnel kickstarted!

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