Keeping up with the millenials

The millennial generation are highly tech savvy, and are now using multiple platforms and devices to keep up to date with the latest brands, trends, and products/services.

If this is your target market, you need to have a prominent presence across all relevant platforms in order to garner their attention, and lead them down your sales funnel.

There are literally hundreds of apps and platforms you could possibly tap into, so we’ve put together a list of the top 6 you should be looking at:

  • Yik Yak — Share news, jokes, and ask questions to people located near to you
  • Meerkat — Live video streaming
  • Periscope — Live video streaming
  • Snapchat — short ‘snap’ stories that last up to 10 seconds
  • — Music video creation community
  • Instagram — Photo sharing platform

At Arise, we help brands select the perfect platform/s for their target market, and communicate effectively with their audience to engage and lead them down the sales funnel, from Awareness to Purchase.

Keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends is what we do every day, and we love keeping up with the millennials.

If this is something you’re in need of help with, visit

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