Meet our new Front-End Designer and Developer — Kate

The friendly team of web experts at Arise is growing! We’re excited to introduce you to our fantastic new Front-End Designer and Developer — Kate. Kate is in charge of front-end website designs, and will be making all of our websites look amazing on the web.

What’s your role at Arise, Kate?

“As a front-end designer and developer, I am responsible for how a website will look and function.”

What experience can you bring to the table?

“I hold a degree in Visual Communications and a Postgrad Diploma in Advertising & Digital Communication. I have over seven years experience as a designer working in London, Toronto, Dublin, and now Sheffield!”

What do you think of Arise HQ so far?

“It’s a great place to work. A small, close knit talented team in leafy Sheffield with lots of lovely projects for lovely clients. What more could you want?!”

What do you do outside of work?

“I like to be active and get outdoors as much as possible. I hike in the Peak District with my family, surf when conditions permit and have recently taken up springboard diving.

What’s your favourite biscuit and hot drink combo?

“I love Iced Gems with a milky cup of Yorkshire or Barry’s tea (I am Irish after all!).”

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