SEO is like pie

As part of our Online Marketing services, we often get asked by clients which one specific thing they need to do to be number one on Google for their keyword. In other words — the ‘magic key’ to open the golden door of high traffic and conversions.

All too regular, we find these same clients have previously been sold plans claiming one specific key will open this door, pay X for that privilege — and see immediate SEO gains.

At Arise we like to take the time to educate our clients, and talk them through the steps needed to make that continual, and honest climb up the rankings. We tell them how it takes a combination of best-practices to reach number one, and that it won’t happen overnight. This is where we stand out — we genuinely care about our clients, and their long term success online, so we equip them with the tools and knowledge they need to work with us to ensure even greater success, as a team.

So how is SEO like pie?

One specific factor does not impact your ranking on its own — it is a combination of pieces together that makes the whole thing work. If you think of it like pieces of a pie, you need each individual segment to make the whole add up, and work properly. You wouldn’t serve a pie with two pieces missing to a hungry customer, so you shouldn’t serve that to Google either.

These pieces include:

  • Onsite Optimisation e.g. Meta Tags are of correct length and effectively use your keywords in the proper manner
  • Offsite Optimisation ensuring you have relevant and good-quality links, as well as a solid presence elsewhere on the web in Google+, Google My Business etc
  • Removing bad links, and cleaning up your overall link profile
  • Ensuring Google can effectively crawl your site and index pages appropriately using the correct sitemap and robots file
  • You are utilising the best of content creation, and ensuring each piece is optimised for conversions and search engine optimisation
  • And many more…

So you see, you need to take a bigger picture view, and make sure your SEO specialist is taking care of each individual piece of the pie. This takes time, effort, and a genuine care about you and your website. This is what Arise is best known for.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you succeed online.

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