What is Snapchat and why should my company be using it?

Amongst the latest up-and-coming platforms lies Snapchat — a short story app for conveying short snaps and videos.

With over 100 million users worldwide daily, if you’re not taking advantage of this growing platform — you are missing out on something huge for your business!

So what exactly is Snapchat?

Within the app, you can either take a ‘selfie’, video, or ordinary photo (otherwise known as a ‘Snap’). Snaps can then be sent directly to your friends list, or uploaded as your story to all of your followers.

A Snap can last anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds, and you can string multiple Snaps together, to make a Story. Stories can last up to 24 hours on the app and are automatically visible to anyone that follows you.

The final feature within Snapchat is Chat. With this, you can send a message directly to a single individual person within the app, and it automatically disappears after they close the chat off.

So why should I be on it?

You mean besides the fact that The White House in America just went onto it? https://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2016/01/11/whitehouse-joins-snapchat

Along many of the major brands and celebrities?

Well, if you still need convincing….

Snapchat works on the premise that photos or videos posted on its platform disappear within 10 seconds on-screen, and within 24 hours on the platform itself. Because of this, content on Snapchat gets consumed far more than Twitter or Facebook, because people fear ‘missing out’ if they don’t view it immediately after it goes live, and because the algorithm changes at Twitter and Facebook mean only 4–6% of your audience actually ever see your posts.

Similarly, there’s the opportunity for First Mover Advantages on Snapchat. In the brand and business world, particularly in UK, not many businesses have seen this trend coming, and many aren’t even aware of Snapchat existing. If you get in there first, and be the best in your industry on Snapchat, you can reap the rewards, and leave your competitors trailing behind.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up to Snapchat and kickstart your business into 2016.

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