are we the beatles or the stone roses?

the beatles produced please please me in 1963; a great album by anyone’s standards, but they kept making great music and made sgt. pepper’s in 1967 and abbey road, their eleventh studio album in 1969. their first album was perfect pop and a better piece of work than most bands ever achieve. they matured and got better as a band and the end of their muscial careers was the high point. the more music they made, the more they evolved artistically, lyrically, and musically; they got better.

they got better.

the stone roses made the stone roses in 1989. one amazing album, but this was the high point of their music career; they never got better.

they never got better.

this canteen, in this building, with this team, is this our the stone roses? limited size, limited kitchen space, limited budget are all constraining us, is this also a big part of our success? has our weakness actually been our strength?

we had an amazing few months awards wise (see below), and i feel we have never had a better team, better food, or better consistency

McKenna 100 restaurants in Ireland

Irish Times 100 restaurants in Ireland

Restaurant Association best cafe in Munster

Hot Press Top 100

will our next incarnation or next project be our failure?

canteen 1.2 coming soon

so is this our time to shine or as we grow and expand (canteen 1.2 coming soon) and mature can we develop and grow? can we stay hungry, relevant, and at the top of our game … or like the store roses is this canteen our 1 May 1989

…or like John, Paul, Ringo, George can we evolve, perfect our style, and once again let our new challenges develop into our strengths?

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