What’s in a ‘Design Hop’ and how can it help your charity?

Mar 12 · 4 min read
Sharing and learning at the Brighton Design Hop in January

What is a Design Hop?

1. It’s all about your beneficiaries

“The most invigorating aspect was the constant pushback to have the end user in mind and question my assumptions about their life and behaviour.”

Sophie Gibson, Development Manager, Brighton Women’s Centre

2. Demystifies design, helps you do it yourself

Our canvases and exercises introduce a ‘best of’ the techniques we’ve used with charities over the last 3 years

3. Teaches an approach, shifts mindsets

4. Not just about digital

5. A magic moment of clarity

“My team knew I was excited and why I wasn’t at work so the next day it was nice to show them my worksheets and my executive director the progress. It brought real clarity to our challenge.”

Chloe Williams, Business Development Manager. Young Epilepsy

What’s different after a Hop?

Hops are happening near you

You’ll meet local peers and digital experts who can support you beyond the event. And it’s fun! :)


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The Centre for Acceleration of Social Technology — upskilling and upscaling social sector organisations to use technology for accelerated social change.

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