Why being kind benefits us all.

Having to deal with moving our apartment lately, maneuvered me into being forced to call several hotline services of bigger companies…

A task nobody prefers to do instead of pretty much anything else in the world.

While trying to outsmart the idle time of being in a loop of annoying sounds by already calling the number whilst still riding my bike, leaving it next to the kitchen sink while cooking or a collection of other clever ideas to shorten this really unused time of our lives, it’s easy to get into a kind of annoyed state of mind before the counterpart of the imminent call even picks up the phone.

BUT…being deeply kind and friendly to the other person on the line instantly makes them and yourself more relaxed and happy. Keeping a calm voice and explaining your issue factually mostly brings fast closure to your problems.

And the best part… you will be more breezy after you made the call then before and don’t have to complain to your spouse over supper how awful and time consuming this seemingly tedious task affected your day.

Use this technique in every rhetorical or even non verbal issues you might be dealing with in your day to day operations and I promise, you will instantly feel more calm and gracious with your life and the people surrounding you.

People are so angry these days. Wherever you turn your head, people are getting in their faces, literally and or online. I don’t wanna preach peace and love for all, but seriously…Wouldn’t the world be a more appropriate place if people would know how to get along with each other? The thing is, I believe everyone has the mental capacity to understand that.

We just forget it…

It’s therefore crucial that we remind ourselves of one thing:

Act smart and be nice to people (and the environment).

Sounds cheesy? Lame? Yeah…it probably is. But it’s honestly as easy as that.

If we could remind ourselves every time we make a rash emotional decision to act kind, we and our surroundings would feel much better afterwards.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no exception — but I’m trying every damn day to be calm and handle situations with the right attitude before acting out and feeling shitty afterwards. I used to be — still am some times- a very irascible cyclist. Every time I felt maltreated by a car, a pedestrian or a fellow bike rider I used to scream, point fingers and every now and then even hit parts of the cars getting in my way.

Since I stopped this behavior I feel way more at ease and enjoy my rides around the city. Going a notch slower than I used to, but getting more out of it for sure.

If all this sound too obvious? It’s because it is. It’s purely astonishing that everyone seems to forget about this little life hack and pursues his day to day interactions with so much grim and anger putting our whole system in a tense state of emergency.

Act smart and be nice to people. It’s all you need to think of.

Or as Marcus Aurelius would put it:

“When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself: The people I deal with today will be meddling, ungrateful, arrogant, dishonest, jealous, and surly. They are like this because they can’t tell good from evil.”

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