Alphabet Street

So today Max and I finished a promo video for the new t shirt line. As with all the campaign’s we’ve done to date I’m excited about it. Yes, I’ll readily admit it’s an engagement strategy, but primarily it’s about the art, wanting to make good art.

Speaking of which, when you a get a moment watch Neil Gaiman’s commencement speech ‘Make Good Art’ on YouTube. Definitely one of the best I’ve heard and it’s only twenty minutes long.

Isn’t the notion of making art prevalent in all facets of life? Uncertainty, unfortunately stifles this way of thinking. Why is it that our vision of what we can’t see happening or don’t want so vivid? Yet when posed with the question of what would the ideal case scenario for our lives be we’re stumped.

I ask myself this question all the time and then take subsequent action to bring that about. Admittedly, this is met with varied success but I believe in being intent on creating the opportunities I want to happen as a oppose to hoping that they will or worse believing that they won’t.

When I was I younger, I recall one Sunday a church service was being screened on ITV. I must have been seven or so. Don’t ask what I was doing at home by myself at seven? A story for another time.

I assumed the service was being filmed a church down the road from me as they looked similar. I mean, what child didn’t want to be on the telly? So I freshened up, put on my best clobber which was situated on the right hand side of my wardrobe, took 10p from my savings jar and proceeded to head to the aforementioned church.

I couldn’t tell you how excited I was at the prospect of being on telly as I made my way to the church. However, my excitement was short lived as I arrived at the church to see a very sparse congregation and to my dismay, not a television camera in sight.

Having a moment to take in the fact that my television career was over before it had even started, I left the church, bought a packet of Fruitella’s on route home, changed my clothes and waited for the Big Match to come on. I’m showing my age here.

My point, albeit a protracted one is at what point do we stop embracing uncertainty and be inspired by creating certainty. When did we lose the ability to believe that the far removed is possible, that we too can be exceptions to the rule and just dare to try and keep trying.

Making art requires the use of the imagination. With imagination we can see that, whatever that is happening. That we too can be an exception to the rule. Maybe regular trips down Alphabet Street wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all.

Hope Patterson

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