Buhloone Mindstate

So I set myself a target to complete my business plan by the end of the month, which I’m on schedule to do. It’s really getting me to think about the offer and a number of factors I had not considered before, challenging but enjoyable.

I want the offer to reflect my aspirations, which is to make a difference. Building something people will talk about, The Purple Cow, something that would be missed if gone and not necessarily for everyone, just true fans.

The above title is a new name for a subsidiary imprint under the Deckhead umbrella for the nights I do at Radicals. It was inspired by the name of De La Soul’s third album. Buhloone Mindstate and marks a different direction in terms of the imagery I’ve conveyed in the past.

Buhloone is a “phonetic spelling’ of “balloon”. It’s set in context by the intro track, which starts with the sound of a balloon being inflated; then the hook line is repeated over and over, “it might blow up, but it won’t go pop” until the sound of a balloon popping is replaced with the word “pop”. It’s been interpreted that the group had aspirations to expand their popularity with a view of not selling out.

This concept resonated with me in that I want to be doing work on the edge. While I appreciate that it maybe difficult and may take time, it’s where my aspirations lie. The catalyst for the content I put out is not about being compared to other imprints, receiving likes or followers, but inspiring not only myself, but others to make comparisons between the work we do and the work we’re capable of doing and as I like to eloquently put it, give it a go.

The way I see it. If Steve Jobs can revolutionise three industries. Surely I can revolutionise one.

Now I’m somethin’ like a phenomenon

I’m somethin’ like a phenomenon

‪De La Soul — Ego Trippin’ (Part Two)‬

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Hope Patterson