My Philosophy

It’s fair to say that the narrative has changed since my first post and there’s a reason for that. I didn’t sell enough tees. I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur, I thought it was somewhat pretentious on my part. My mate Alan Parker called me that the other day, which I took as a massive compliment.

For years I wanted to earn a living from music and pursued a number of ventures in order to do so while working as an employee. It got to the point when I was made redundant for the third time I had to make a choice.

I recall speaking to Nigel while I was looking for work and he said to me.

‘If you want to make this thing [DJ’ing] work, then make it work.’

Words to that effect. It was that at that point that I decided to forget pursing opportunities I had no real interest in and devote my energy towards creating the opportunities I wanted to be involved with.

I admit it was scary as fuck. Excuse my French, but when you got a mortgage to pay you’re not going to be a tad frightened about the prospect of working for yourself.

Working for yourself involves a degree of uncertainty, which in and of itself can be daunting. Subsequently, the narrative has changed from documenting a goal of the ongoing internal dialogue involved the attainment of pursuing any goal for that matter, which I must admit really fascinates me.

Writing about how many tees I sold or how I could do that, doesn’t inspire me to write. The encouraging possibility does. I love life. Yes, I’ve had setbacks, regrets and if I could have a do over I would have done things differently, yet nevertheless my life could have been so much different. If I’ve got the scope to rectify certain areas in my life, I’m going to try and I want to inspire that in others too. Why? I don’t know. I just feel like time is the most precious commodity we have and we shouldn’t waste it waiting for the right time, living in the past or being scared and whether you believe it or not but be willing enough to have the faith and try.

I remember working on a project with my former manager Alison, an inspirational leader. The board was deliberating as to whether we should launch or not. All the processes weren’t in place, but she made an executive decision to launch regardless and we ended up delivering the project three months ahead of our target.

Fuck the right time. When would now be a good time? The blog has forged an identity for my brand, which has evolved overtime. The content maybe repetitive at times and for that I apologise if that seems to be the case. I think it’s a by-product of the internal dialogue that takes place in my mind when faced with the fear, yet striving to take action regardless. If this blog goes someway towards inspiring that, then that would mean more to me than how many tees I’ve sold.

Look Amina! No quotes ;-)

Hope Patterson