The Grind Date

My hustle is at an all time high right now. If I’m not eating or in transit somewhere I’m Grafting like Steffi. Literally, the minute I wake up I’ll watch some episodes of the #askgaryvee show on Youtube to gain some marketing insights. I would recommend subscribing to his channel if you’re into that thing. Anything, that’s going to improve my hustle I’m on it like a tramp on chips. Keynotes, googletalks, books, blogs. Brush my teeth, shower and execute.

I know the pay off will come. For instance, I received a call on Monday from a venue off the back of a referral from a Bar Manager who I used to DJ for when I had an even hairline, asking for a DJ. I say this, or write this, you know what I mean. The point I’m trying to make iiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssss! As long as I keep showing up, learning, building relationships, executing I’ll achieve my goal. Admittedly, by which time it might take me even longer to wash my face but I’ll get there.

So on that note, I’ll leave you with some words from Black Sheep’s seminal hit Strobelight Honey. I gotta go, I gotta go, I gotta go….

Hope Patterson