4 steps to setup a successful online presence for your business

In today’s constantly connected world having an online presence for your business is almost taken for granted, customers search for what they want, compare prices and trawl through reviews and posts on social media to make sure they are getting the best deal.

Getting started with your online presence may seem daunting, that’s why we have put together a short guide to help you get started.

Step 1 — Register Your Domain Name

When you have settled on the name of your business the next step is to secure the domain name.

Your domain name should be something easy to recall and simple to type, it’s most likely that it will be your company name.

The most popular domain extension is ‘.com’ although nowadays there are over 1000 different domain extensions to choose from.

Step 2 — Register Your Social Media Handles

Once you have both your business name and your domain name registered you will need to set up your social media handles.

At Farther we chose to keep our social media handles (@wearefarther) consistent with our domain name to make it easy to remember for our customers.

Try to avoid using numbers or characters such as hyphens and underscores in your social media handles as this makes it harder to remember for your customers and makes it more likely that a mistyped message will go to the wrong person.

Step 3 — Create a Landing Page with a Call To Action

If you’re setting up your online presence before you have a website ready to launch you should consider setting up a landing page with a simple overview of what your business does and provide a call-to-action to prompt people to get in touch, this can be achieved using a simple contact form or a ‘mailto’ link.

Step 4 — Set Up An Email Marketing List

When building any new business venture online an email marketing list can prove invaluable. By adding a small sign up form to your website or landing page you can begin to collect the email addresses of potential customers who are interested in what you offer.

Applications such as MailChimp provide a free service that is perfect for businesses starting out or experimenting with digital marketing techniques. They provide ‘copy and paste’ code which can get you up and running within seconds.

At Farther we exsist to help businesses make the most from being online, to find out more about how we can help visit our website at wearefarther.com/digital.

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