Side profile image of Nikki with prismatic rainbow light down their face
Side profile image of Nikki with prismatic rainbow light down their face
The poet themself, Nikki Burian. IG @nburian via @weare.fine

As National Poetry Month comes to a close, we celebrate some work that really slaps — that’s what the cool kids say right? Whether it slaps or slams or whatever the lingo is, FINE is lucky to have a secret wordsmithing weapon — our very own published poet, Nikki Burian.

Poet first, project manager second, and all-around non-binary badass, Nikki is on a mission to create fun, authentic art that is accessible to everyone. With two published books and appearances at both national and global slam competitions, Nikki makes big happen one kind, inclusive, and empowering word at a time.

Step inside the mind and vibe that is Nikki Burian. …

From the minds of Brain Traffic, Confab Intensive spans three days of in-depth content strategy workshops led by industry experts. This year held in Denver, Colorado, FINE writer and project director Allyson Marrs participated in six, three-hour workshops, putting principles to the test through speaker-led, small-group activities.

In the interest of today’s digital consumers’ waning commitment to content, here are the 5, easy-to-digest, skim-if-you’d-like, skip-entire-sections, takeaways consolidated from 18-hours-worth of insights.

1. Content Strategy means different things to different audiences.

Beyond the blank stares content strategists might receive upon mentioning what they do (“oh, so you fill in the empty bits?”), the team in which they work all interprets the content strategist’s purpose in a way that best translates to their own role. …

Perennial design thought leaders HOW Design Magazine recently asked us what trends we see in branding. We came up with 7, and here they are.



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