One charger for all your favorite devices. Your dream just became a reality.

Almost everyone we know has a smartphone, and almost everyone we know experiences low battery anxiety, at least once a week. Not to mention those who experience the frustration of a dead phone… That’s the problem we solved with Plan V.

Since then, we’ve thought about the other gadgets that we use in our adventures and in our everyday. Our friends have GoPros, digital cameras, and smart watches that have limited battery lives as well. Why not protect those devices from battery emergencies too?

That’s exactly what we did. Failsafe by Flintu can be used to charge everything that is USB-C, Micro USB, or Lightning compatible, covering you for all of your device emergencies! You have the #ThePowerTo stay connected and capture your experiences with Failsafe by Flintu.

What device are you most excited to charge with Failsafe by Flintu?

This post originally appeared on the Flintu blog.