What it really takes to design a product for a Kickstarter launch

As product manager at Flintu, it’s my job to make sure that the final product meets the needs of our customers in a way that’s simple and intuitive. A major component of that process is overseeing the industrial design, or the process of defining how a product will look, function, and feel.

For us the design process starts with a couple cups of coffee and ends with a list of essential features and a sketch. From there, we slowly refine our design, through CAD drawings, 3D prints, user testing and, yes, the occasional heated discussion.

Our new product, Failsafe by Flintu, has quite a few design restrictions which has made for a particularly exciting process. The design nerd in me loves every second of making a product that’s functional and designed to fit users’ everyday lives. They say that working within constraints builds creativity, and we’ve got two major restrictions.

First, Failsafe is as feature-packed as a swiss army knife. As you’ve seen from recent blog posts, Failsafe does a lot, and yet it still needs to be pocketable. That means every millimeter of the product has to be engineered meticulously! We’ve spent a lot of time testing and iterating to find the best configuration for all of the pieces that make Failsafe tick.

Second, Failsafe by Flintu lives in a very harsh environment — your pocket or handbag. This means both design and materials need to be smart and tough! Like I said earlier, my job is to make sure that the product meets customer needs, so it’s especially important to me that we end up with a product that can withstand the rough and tumble of real life.

There you have it. That’s our design process in a nutshell. We’re in the thick of product development for Failsafe by Flintu, so we’re living and breathing this stuff. At best , the process is smooth and linear, at worst… well let’s not talk about that ;o)

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