A new era, #StartoftheGoodera

The Goodera story…Why we rebranded…

In 2014, we started a Next Generation :-) company with a dream to create a technology platform embedded with domain expertise that transforms the way the world of good works. Since then, NextGen has continued to grow exponentially, deploying its technology platform to help more than 150+ corporates with their CSR, sustainability and volunteering management, channelizing $150mn of development capital across 30 different countries.

However, we soon realized that we were making things difficult for ourselves by not having a unique and distinct identity, which resonates with the work we do and the mission we are on.

There are more than 100,000 companies named NextGen. There is infact NextGen Healthcare, NextGen Technologies and even NextGen Dentist :-) Our product name — p3 (people.planet.profit), although a brilliant one, which reflected the kind of value we were delivering across businesses and society, did not focus on the aspect of human technology. Some of our stakeholders recognised us as NextGen, some as p3, some even called us Gen Next or NextGeneration.

And that’s why it was important for us to rebrand. Today, we’re happy to announce that your NextGen is now Goodera.

In our quest to transform this sector, we felt that it was necessary to have a brand that reflects our aspirations and provides us a unique identity. Hence the name “Goodera”, which also marks the beginning of a new era of doing good!

Our logo — The Karmark — Stands for Innovation, Technology, People and Infinite Possibilities (the mark of Karma), which helps us Power the World of Good (which is our new tagline).

Next Steps for Goodera

Our new brand will guide our every action and interaction.

We empower corporations to maximize their impact.

We empower NGOs to get all the vital support.

We encourage individuals to give more.

We help better the lives of those in need.

We power the World of Good!

Get in touch with us at care@goodera.com and learn more about us at www.goodera.com

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Powering the World of Good — #CSR #Sustainability #development #socialgood #tech4good #impact #globalhub

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Powering the World of Good — #CSR #Sustainability #development #socialgood #tech4good #impact #globalhub

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