Why Eastern Europe Is A Startup Powerhouse

Oct 31 · 4 min read

Embarking your entrepreneurial journey makes one painfully aware of the resources needed to create a successful business. You’ll encounter complications in hiring a team, managing budgets or troubleshooting development issues. Building a team that has the right skills but also shares your company ethos can make or break you in the end — that’s why you need to consider your options carefully.

Asking for recommendations and looking for collaborators nearby is usually the first thing any aspiring entrepreneur would consider. More entrepreneurs are renouncing the more ‘traditional’ startup methods and are instead searching for teams and partners abroad — specifically in Eastern Europe.

Remote work is a tricky subject — whether it’s an aversion to the unknown, worries regarding quality or feeling uncomfortable working with overseas teams, there’s plenty of arguments against outsourcing. However, most of them are based on fear and rumours rather than reality. Here’s the real reasons why working with an Eastern European team can lead to greatness.

Talent is abundant

The fact of the matter is, the talent pool in the most developed countries in the world simply can’t cover the needs of today’s tech world. And in an incredibly specialised industry that’s growing at the speed of light, the right team can be the enabler of your company’s success.

According to Forbes, the human resources available in the region make Eastern Europe a major player in technological innovation, consistently ranking at the top of the world in educational achievement for math, science and technology. Some think that the tech talent pool has evolved so quickly, it has the potential to build strong competition against Silicon Valley. Point is, quality and quantity can occur together — and they do in Eastern Europe.

Quality and work ethic go hand in hand

When you’re competing with talent around the world, you really have no chance unless you’re excellent at what you do. Most Eastern European designers and developers are self-taught and continuously educate themselves to stay above the international standard.

Their geographic dissonance have determined them to perfect their language and communication skills in order to offer a superb client experience. So you won’t just be getting quality deliverables, you’ll be getting happy clients who truly feel like they’ve been respected, guided and listened to.

You are ‘out-sharing’, not outsourcing

After the fall of the communist bloc, Eastern Europe became a go-to-place to find cheap and specialised labour. But as economies develop, you’ll notice companies are leaning more towards an out-sharing approach.

Out-sharing, a term coined by the World Economic Forum, means that the teams and businesses you are outsourcing to (instead of being your remote yes-men) are taking on more complex roles, becoming just as involved in building value for your business and your users. They put in more effort to research, challenge assumptions and communicate transparently, in order to generate value. Micromanagement is also becoming a thing of the past in the remote work environment, as employees or contractors don’t need to be watched over — they’re intrinsically motivated and will strive to innovate not because you force them to or because you pay them, but because they’re invested in creative valuable partnerships and collaborations globally.

At Hyper, it’s the driven, skilled and innovative designers from all over the world, and in Eastern Europe, that possess the invaluable tenacity required to manifest your ideas. It’s the project managers in our European team that will run alongside you from start to finish line, helping you at every step of the way. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Are you starting your entrepreneurial journey but need a supportive and diverse team to collaborate with you? We’ve worked with founders at all stages and technical/ non-technical backgrounds. Sign up for a free one-hour consultation call and learn about our Accelerator program delivered by our global team.


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