”WE ARE IN THE SAME GAME” Behind the scenes Vol.1 Yuree Kensaku from Thailand.

Let’s deliver messages of support to athletes through art!

WE ARE IN THE SAME GAME 2021” is a social project from Asia to deliver messages of support to athletes in the form of art.

Nowadays, it is difficult to cheer for athletes in person, so we are looking forward to your(artists) artworks that will inspire athletes and supporters beyond the barriers of distance and language!

WE ARE IN THE SAME GAME Official Website

Artists Runner №1 Yuree Kensaku from Thailand.

Image artists from allover the world join a real same game. (ex:relay race?) Let’s welcome the 1st runner Yuree Kensaku from Thailand. Who had the most download from WE ARE IN THE SAME GAME.

Q: Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Yuree Kensaku. I’m half Thai half Japanese artist. I’m a multidisciplinary artist.Most of my works are paintings and I also do sculptures, installation art, mural paintings, graphic and animation design.

I take my habit of seeing cats and dogs of other people on social media as my hobby. I like to see movie and my favorite video game is Mario. You can follow my work from the info below.

Facebook /Instagram

Yuree Kensaku and her works.

Q: Please introduce your art work for this project.

“Jog Jog the little sparrow”

My little sparrow represents small and simple thing, like an ordinary persons who have managed to overcome the obstacle with their strength of ultimate adaptability and perseverance.

Sparrow appearance is simple, its colors are not so bright which does not attract so much attention. But in fact, sparrow has been around for a long long time. They has existed in this earth since 20 million years ago, all spreads around the world and seems not to get close to extinction at all.

Jog Jog the Little sparrow is a boxer, his appearance is inspired by Thai old tradition kick boxer sportswear with head gear and with rope wrapped around his fists. I also want Jog Jog to clench his fists, this could symbolize the image of sports competition and also the way that people live Today, we have to adapt to survive and try our best to fight for excellence.

Golden shower flower or Ratchaphruek is national flower of Thailand also presented together with Sakura in five colors of the Olympic Rings.

Jog Jog Sparrow

Q: How would you like the supporters to use your work? Or how would you use it?

If possible I would like Jog Jog to appear on several place such as

  1. On packages of lunch box for encourage athlete and other people.(power for the soul) Jog Jog derives from Thai word Nok-Kra-Jog that mean sparrow and also mean for a sound of stomach growling when we hungry. when we already ate, Jog Jog will have strength to jump joyfully. (So it also give power for the body).
  2. Alcohol spray card. Give it for free to athlete and everyone that involve for protecting and it represent that we care them.
  3. Postcard, Poster of Jog Jog gladly raise up his arm for victory.
  4. Also can use in social media as a graphic design artwork or as an animation. He will represent small bird who cheering up other athletes and at the same time he himself also one of eager athlete too.
  5. Screen print Jog Jog on T-shirt, merchandise or make him as a mascot or mascot suit.

Q: What kind of sports do you usually like to watch? Also, if you have any athletes or teams you would like to support, we would like to know.

I hardly see sport unless it a very important match that everyone waiting for.

I myself like to play table tennis and when I was teenager I like to play basketball too. and I like to play fighting video game. my favorite game is PokkenTournament DX, Mario super smash bros and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Q: Finally, the last question. Please tell us one other piece of artwork you like from this project! We’ll pass the baton to that person!

I like “Olympic Fire Runner with Shiba” of Maythee Noijinda

First of all I really like Shiba and I think his work have a sense of humor.

Thank you so much! The next interview baton will be take by Maythee Noijinda.


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“WE ARE IN THE SAME GAME” is a social project from Asia to deliver messages of support to athletes in the form of art.