Digital marketing continues to change at a breakneck pace as technology advances more every day, and it’s important to keep an eye on where it will go next. With a new year and decade ahead of us, we sat down with Kirk Kempker, our Creative Director, to hear his thoughts about the future of the industry, his approach to creative, and why being a creative director is not for everyone.

Based in Los Angeles, Kirk has been with Joystick for six years and is responsible for spearheading the creative process, upholding internal and client brand standards, and staying on top…

By Dave Rosowsky, Director of Operations at Joystick Interactive

And the Future of Digital Advertising Depends on it

Last month, in a well-read article, WPP took the bold step of proactively discussing the reasons behind the slowdown of global ad-buying. Industry insiders were quick to jump on the story, sharing their opinions across social channels.

One such industry insider, Allison Kent-Smith, who runs the training firm Smith & Beta shared something that caught my eye.

Here is a link to the full post, but in short (or to paraphrase her poorly)

As an industry, we’re not developing talent fast enough…

By Chris Wilson, CEO of Joystick Interactive

Better banners mean better experiences

When I tell people I work in digital advertising, the response is often something along the lines of “oh, those pop-up ads?” combined with subtle undertones of annoyance as they remember those ad experiences.

I believe this reaction has become the universal experience for everyone within our industry. Despite our best efforts to make the most of the medium, a stigma still exists.

I am here today to tell you that the future of online advertising is alive and well. …

By Dave Rosowsky, Director of Operations at Joystick Interactive

We’ve seen the success of AMP content pages (2 billion pages covering some 900,000 domains), so it is no wonder that the chatter in the ad world around AMP Ads is increasing. Like any new marketing tool, understanding its value comes from proving its results.

With AMP:

  • Ads load as fast as the page, providing a smooth user experience and increasing user engagement.
  • Load times are up to 5 seconds faster due to the use a tightly controlled JavaScript runtime that is designed for speed and safety.
  • Mobile monetization increases due…

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