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by Alex Foulkes

As economies emerge from the devastation of lockdown, it’s vital that we choose a green recovery.

In Scotland, ministers have rightly recognised this in their new Programme for Government unveiled today.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she is on a ‘national mission’ to create green jobs and improve prospects for young people, and has announced a £100million fund to achieve this.

A new ‘green deal’ for Scotland is something also backed by other political parties.

While we tackle an unprecedented health emergency, the climate emergency has not gone away.

A green recovery will address the challenges created…

We must move beyond business-as-usual to prioritise people, planet, justice, and wellbeing, and realise the interconnectedness of the social, environmental, and economic crises we face. The time has never been more urgent.

We are confronted by multiple overlapping crises that reinforce one another at local and global scales. While climate breakdown is accelerating, we are causing a sixth mass extinction. As non-human nature becomes concentrated in diminishing, isolated strips of land and sea, the boundaries between intensive land use and ‘wild’ areas encourage new diseases, like COVID-19. Meanwhile, mass consumerism functions so far beyond safe planetary limits that scientists have pointed out we risk turning the Earth into a new state in at least three different ways.

The ‘Anthropocene’ has emerged as both a cultural and scientific point of departure from the…

Alex Foulkes’ & Sonny Whitelaw’s vision from opposite sides of the world

We need to urgently examine how we use land in Scotland and how our actions impact on species, the environment and our climate.

Scotland has world-leading plans to become carbon neutral, but to achieve this will require more ambitious targets on large-scale tree-planting.

We should be aiming to plant one billion trees in Scotland through a widespread and sustained combined effort from government at all levels as well as private businesses, communities and philanthropists.

By planting trees, restoring soils and protecting a range of habitats such as peatlands…

by Alex Foulkes

Our wildlife is not in good health.

Since 1994, nearly half of species have declined across Scotland — with only 28 per cent increasing.

Sir David Attenborough and the Scottish Wildlife Trust have called for urgent action to create and connect wild places in Scotland.

We need to urgently examine how we use land and how our actions impact on species, the environment and our climate.

That’s why we need a Green New Deal for the climate and for our wildlife and wild places.

In December 2019, TV presenter and conservationist Chris Packham launched the “plant a…

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