Unveiling TAILG Jidi: A Game-Changer for Africa’s Gig Workers

3 min readFeb 8, 2024

Empowering the Gig Workforce with High-Performance Electric Mobility

In regions like Sub -Saharan Africa, where digital platforms have seen a dramatic increase, the demand for reliable, efficient, and sustainable modes of transportation is at an all-time high​​. The TAILG Jidi meets this demand head-on by offering gig workers — a vital force driving the African economy — a robust, eco-friendly, and high-performance transportation solution that stands out in the crowded urban mobility market.

Key Features of the TAILG Jidi:

Initially designed by the in-house team at Kofa in Ghana and engineering development, manufacturing and production by world leading electric vehicle specialists, TAILG in China, the Jidi has been built to take on the toughest challenges and outperform the competition. It has features such as:

Extended Range and Speed — The TAILG Jidi redefines urban mobility with its impressive range of up to 100km, allowing gig workers to cover extensive areas without frequent recharges. Its average speed of 47km/h, combined with a top speed capability of 85km/h, ensures that riders can navigate through city traffic swiftly and efficiently, making it an ideal partner for time-sensitive deliveries and services.

Powerful Performance — With a peak power of 6kW and a rated output of 3.5kW, the TAILG Jidi offers robust acceleration beating standard 150cc motorcycles and comes with responsive handling, empowering riders with the confidence to tackle diverse urban terrains.

Innovative Battery Technology — At the heart of the TAILG Jidi are two 2.3kWh Kofa Kore2 batteries, engineered for longevity and reliability. The Kofa Swap & Go Network service further enhances the user experience by providing an efficient solution for battery exchange, ensuring that gig workers remain on the move without extended downtime.

Advanced Design and Engineering — The TAILG Jidi boasts a mid-drive air-cooled motor, optimised for performance and durability. Riders can customise their experience with multiple drive modes, adapting to various riding conditions. The scooter’s super-bright LED lighting system enhances visibility, ensuring safety during nighttime gigs.

Superior Comfort and Control — Engineered for comfort, the TAILG Jidi features disc brakes (CBS) on both front and rear wheels, adjustable rear suspension, and a robust tubular steel frame. These elements combine to offer unparalleled control and stability on urban roads, making every ride smooth and enjoyable.

“As Africa embraces the gig economy, the need for reliable transportation has never been more critical. The TAILG Jidi is a comprehensive mobility solution tailored for the continent’s hardworking gig workers, combining performance, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology,” stated Erik Nygard, CEO at Kofa Technologies.

The launch of the TAILG Jidi marks a significant milestone in the evolution of urban mobility in Africa, offering a tangible solution to the transportation challenges faced by the gig workforce. It represents a leap forward in our commitment to enhancing the gig economy’s infrastructure, providing gig workers with the tools they need to succeed and thrive.

For more information about the TAILG Jidi and Kofa Technologies, please visit www.kofa.co/Jidi




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