We should all ask ourselves, “How slow do we want government to be?”

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Has the filibuster flipped in its usefulness?

By Amit Thakkar | LawMaker, Founder & CEO | Sept 22, 2020

[This article was first posted at LawMaker. Click here to read the original article.]

Just this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated that eliminating the filibuster would “permanently disfigure” the Senate, making more public a procedural policy fight that has been simmering in the beltway for a long time. McConnell has wielded the filibuster many times in his tenure to prevent the passage of legislation or the confirmation of government appointments — as have members of both parties before him — and consistently touts its necessity. …

Here’s a safe way to get your ballot where it needs to go well before Election Day.

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By Amit Thakkar | LawMaker, Founder & CEO | Sept 8, 2020

[This article was first posted at LawMaker. Click here to read the original article which also includes state-by-state rules and links for mail-in applications, voting deadlines, and other state-specific voter resources.]

Recent revelations about the goings-on at the United State Postal Service have shaken the nation and have had a definite impact on the upcoming election. …

Are you sure your voter registration is still active? 100% sure?

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Are you sure you’re ready to vote?

By Amit Thakkar | LawMaker, Founder & CEO | August 5, 2020

There are 90 days until the 2020 Election. 90 days till one of the biggest events in our democracy takes place. Which means, right now, it’s wise for each of us to take a civic inventory to make sure we’re ready for the final leg of election season.

Even if you’ve voted in every election since you’re 18, or if you’ve never voted at all, you’d be surprised how important some of these questions can be to ensure you’re ready to vote on Election Day. We’ll answer the eight key questions you should be asking yourself with links to official websites that can quickly help you. …

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A portion of the list of names of black Americans killed by law enforcement since 2014.

By Amit Thakkar | LawMaker, Founder & CEO | June 2, 2020

We are all still reeling from the horrific murder of George Floyd by officers of the Minneapolis Police Department. This killing mirrors the deaths of thousands of black Americans who have lost their lives at the hands of law enforcement officers, some in decades past, and some just days and weeks ago.

The history of American lawmaking and institutional power does not always lead to just outcomes, as many of us have been reminded of — or are seeing for the first time — in America today. But because our institutions have created inequality and injustice, they are the ones responsible to mend wounds and work to make things rights. …

Kansas City and LawMaker are partnering to encourage residents to propose new laws to make KC better prepared to handle a public health crisis in the future.

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Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas will launch his public policymaking challenge on June 1, 2020. It will run until June 30, when the top proposal in each category will be chosen for policy consideration by the Mayor’s office.

Like many cities, Kansas City, MO, is looking for ways to reclaim a little bit of normalcy and vital activity after the novel coronavirus swept through America causing massive shutdowns and the loss of nearly 100,000 lives.

However, a new normal in which large public gatherings pose a significant health risk to the public presents a unique problem for governments. …

How we’ve given presidential candidates with less political experience a leg up for 2020.

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By Amit Thakkar | LawMaker, Founder & CEO | May 10, 2019

We’re 18 months away from the 2020 elections, the day the entire country (or roughly 60% of it) gets together to choose our leaders. And the year(s) leading up to our elections are spent talking, telling others, and being told how we should decide who to empower. Campaign season, they say, is like a year-long job interview, and like a job interview, we choose the candidate with the most experience.

Or do we?

More and more it seems that experience in government is no longer a prerequisite for election to high office, and this phenomenon may factor considerably in the 2020 primaries and the general election. …

You’ve most likely been choosing the wrong candidate for you this whole time.

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This is basically the 2020 primaries. How are you going to choose?

By Amit Thakkar | LawMaker, Founder & CEO | March 22, 2019

Elections have consequences. And one of the many consequences of the 2016 election is an extremely crowded field of 2020 contenders and soon-to-be (?) candidates.

This is how crowded:

Be warned! You may not know it, but if you have any of these five habits, you’re about to choose the wrong candidate.

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Are you about to pick a poison apple?

By Amit Thakkar | LawMaker, Founder & CEO | February 27, 2019

An unusual shift in the US electorate may be a big part of our nation’s problem. Why aren’t we acknowledging it?

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By Amit Thakkar | LawMaker, Founder & CEO | January 18, 2019

Senator Alan Simpson, who represented Wyoming from 1978–1996, used to say, “If you can’t learn to compromise on issues without compromising yourself, you should not be in Congress, be in business, or get married.”

In 2019, we may find irony in a career politician advocating for compromise. The increasing polarization in our nation has made political cooperation difficult — seemingly impossible — which very much speaks to where we find ourselves as a nation today. A government shutdown of record length, a demagogue in the White House searching for ways to act unilaterally, and a bicameral legislature that fights protracted battles on TV instead of at the capital. …

Three ideas for reform you probably haven’t heard of, and they could all fall flat unless voters like you take notice.

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By Amit Thakkar | LawMaker, Founder & CEO | January 11, 2019

It’s hard to find truly non-partisan things to say about politics anymore.

We at LawMaker try really hard to stay neutral, but everything can be twisted, misconstrued, or even literally read as a dig against the current Presidential administration or the last one. However, this simple thought seems to come as close to non-partisan as any I have ever written:

Our government is in need of reform.

From the leaders of both major parties, to the radicals and iconoclasts, to the disgusted and disengaging members of social media, 99% of political discussions seem to agree that the rules that govern our government are in need of some updates. …


Amit Thakkar | LawMaker.io, CEO

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