The Leanstack Mission

The Nigerian web hosting industry is just fine.

Oh, except that customer service isn’t encouraging (long downtimes without explanations, anyone?), dashboards are unintuitive and everyone is taking whatever they can get or hosting abroad.

That’s why leanstack exists.

We’re a group of developers who, honestly, are only just beginning to recover from the trauma of being frustrated by Nigerian hosting companies (how many are there anyway?).

The cure for the pain? We worked backwards from the things we hate the most till we arrived at leanstack, a hosting solution we’re happy about enough to share with you.

leanstack (note the ‘l’) isn’t trying to shake things up in web hosting, even though we know that’s probably going anyway, we just want Nigerian developers to be able to host their project in peace (and in naira).

We want to spoil you with kindness: customer service you’ll tell everyone about, unlimited free SSL certificates (because why the heck would we charge you for that?), Git and docker integration, multi-language support to keep your programming life simple and… you know what? Just try it yourself and tell us what you think. We’ll be waiting to hear from you.


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