Salesforce implementation checklist
Salesforce implementation checklist

Salesforce adoption is like driving a racecar. While it may appear like a commodity on the outside, we all know that we need specific knowledge and a lot of practice to operate it for maximum performance. We can’t always get there on our first try.

Have you contracted one or several Salesforce solutions and feel like you don’t have total control over the tool? Do you think you’re not seizing its full potential? Have you not seen the performance boost you expected? Is it harder to work with it than you anticipated? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you still need some more “training sessions” to drive your racecar.

As Salesforce partners and having worked with several organizations that have purchased the tool, we’ve come across instances that have seen the adoption process altered for some reason.

You started implementing Salesforce. Now…

We sat down with Patricia Chávez, Consulting Director of SCOPEN, to analyze the results of their latest report. Their findings give us a panorama of the agency space in Spain and how projects fluctuate from year to year.

new business for creative agencies
new business for creative agencies

The NB SCORE report from SCOPEN analyzes new business for creative agencies and the results they obtained. The latest edition, published in September 2019, saw a total spend for Spanish creative agencies in 2018 of 581 million euros. WAM made its debut in the report among the independent agencies and stood out in the number of projects it won in 2018.

The marketing and advertising report subsequently evaluates the projects that brands rewarded to creative agencies and media agencies. The report includes a breakdown between the multinational media groups and independent agencies. …

project management best practices
project management best practices

Effective project management multiplies your chances of meeting deadlines without going over budget and meeting all your guides. All you have to do to get there is to apply best practices and use tools that make it easier.

Did you know that according to the Project Management Management Institute, high-performance organizations complete 80% of their projects on time in a way that meets the goals and budget established? If you want to start applying project management techniques and tools that help your company achieve success, read on.

What is project management?

Project management consists of applying a systematic focus on planning and guiding a…

what is salesforce marketing cloud
what is salesforce marketing cloud

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud? If you’ve ever asked yourself that question and not found the answer, we have all the information you need in this article.

marketing 360
marketing 360

Before we carry out an initiative with a client, we test it out on our corporate strategy. We launched a 360° marketing campaign during the first half of 2019 where all our departments played a critical role. If you want to find out how we did it and the results we obtained, we’ll break down everything you need to know.

When we talk about the forms of communication or technological innovation to sweep society in the 21st Century, we think of Artificial Intelligence, self-driving cars, or at the bare minimum, virtual reality. But what if all we needed as humans was the company of other voices? That’s what podcasts provide.

As New York magazine noted in its article on the rise of podcasts, they said that “…these humble chunks of audio have emerged as the most significant and exciting cultural innovation of the new century.” There are an estimated 660,000 podcasts in production today, equating to around 28 million individual podcast episodes you can listen to right now. …

brand tone
brand tone

What happens when you close your eyes and think of a brand? Does a sound come to mind? Few branding projects have a sound identity as part of their overall strategy, but with virtual assistants, podcasts, and apps on the rise, we have to think about how we want our brand to sound or talk.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but we can say a word in a thousand ways, and each of them can transmit a different feeling and emotion. The intensity, volume, speed, frequency, tone, and more all help spoken words carry different meanings. With that said, it’s essential to reflect on the use of tone of voice in branding. There’s been little discussion about the need to start thinking about what should be a brand’s sound identity in those environments where sound plays a critical role.

As time changes, needs change. From a creative and branding perspective, the time…

Are you looking for a small dose of inspiration for your summer vacation days? These marketing TED Talks are just what you need to update your knowledge in only a few minutes.

It’s never too late to keep learning, getting inspired, and staying up-to-date with all the latest updates that come up in the digital marketing space. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best TED talks about this topic so you can quickly and easily have five exciting bits of information for your day-to-day routine.

I hope you enjoy these marketing TED talks from experts from all over the world.

The top 5 TED Talks for marketers

1. “Is There a Buy Button Inside the Brain”- Patrick Renvoise

How can brands ensure price stops becoming a significant factor when it’s time to make a purchase? They do it through awakening emotions through neuromarketing.

In this TED talk, Patrick Renvoise, the…

Competing as professionals in a business environment changing as radically as ours is becoming more complex. Despite that, there are two things we can do to stay relevant in the labor market.

Labor environments are always evolving as corporations incorporate technology into their organizations. This practice is creating pivotal changes to business models, and as such, human resources are changing too. Today’s professionals are facing the challenge of staying up-to-date and competitive in an ever-changing business landscape. How can they overcome it? The answer is to develop soft skills and their ability to learn.

If these new technological solutions hitting the scene are making an impact on society as a whole, their impact multiples in those firms in the digital world. These include digital marketing consulting firms (as in our case), completely…

If you’re a European content creator, or you work for a brand that does business in Europe, a recent directive passed in the European Parliament is poised to make a critical impact on the content publish every day. Article 17, which was called Article 13 in its draft format, is the name of this piece of legislation you’ll need to have on your radar.

On April 15th, 2019 Article 17, previously referred to as Article 13 when it was a draft, was passed in the European Parliament. This controversial law relates to the European Directive on Copyright in the Digital…

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