Sometimes I do Things Just To See

I would say that I am curious by nature. Like a seed planted within, it took awhile for me to see or even notice the insatiable habit I have. An unstoppable impulsion to try and discover new things.

In fact I’d say it took me 30 odd years to even grasp the concept.

30 is the new 20s, 40 is the new…

Your 30s are a time when in the eyes of the world, or should I say the eyes of the world that I previously inhabited. Dictated that my life was pretty much over the moment the clock stuck 12am on Oct 8 2013.

If I had not achieved anything by then, than lets face it. I might as well of followed the other lemmings into the abyss of nothingness. Damned for the next 30 years, to trudge along into the sea of the “barely average”.

A just punishment for having the audacity, not to have been a multi-millionaire, in my chosen field in my 20's.

What I’m learning is that life is all about perception. What we perceive to be the norm is dependent on our worldview and the signals that we choose to feed our mind. It’s theses signals that shape our point of view.

I am not a writer, which is probably clear to any writers who may have stumbled across this post. Yet I am someone who has managed to start to change his point of view.

I’ve started to look at and love life in ways that in my 20s, I never thought possible. Merely by changing my way of thinking and the way I view events in my life.

I was recently introduced to a book called “Choose Yourself “by James Altucher. James talks a lot about adding value and helping to build people around you.

This is a process that I have an affinity with. Something I noticed I do naturally, with my peers and friends in my social group.

Combining James train of thought with my own, brings me to the conclusion that inspiration can come in all shapes and sizes.

As much as I love to read a millionaire struggle to greatness. What truly inspires me is the story of people who are on their way. I believe I am such a person

Back to Perception

When you know where you have come from, appreciating your achievements is vital.

It’s this line of thinking aligned with my way of viewing the world that lets me know I will do great things.

It’s why this week I will write 1 post a day! In the hope that I can not only add value to my own life, but to someone else out in this big wide world!

All feedback welcome, see you tomorrow.

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