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A great experience is the product of many small, well thought gestures put together.

MICROCOPY — What is it?

Microcopy as the name suggests is the ‘tidbits of copy’ that accompanies the digital and human interface on digital products to provide a fluid, engaging and delightful user experience.

It is the key communication factor that accompanies and guides the user through the process of completing the task they wish to execute through the resources offered by the product.

How did Microcopy come into EXISTENCE?

Have you ever wondered about the saying, “life goes on in circles”? Well it’s true!

We are in fact repeating and improvising on the age-old innovations.

The entire “MICROCOPY” blow out that is occurring amongst designers and digital product developers recently is in fact a transformative concept built upon the neolithic pattern labels on clay vessels that were used by traders to interact with each other. They used clay markings on packages to keep track and indicate the type of products they were trading. …



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