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MICROCOPY — What is it?

Microcopy as the name suggests is the ‘tidbits of copy’ that accompanies the digital and human interface on digital products to provide a fluid, engaging and delightful user experience.

It is the key communication factor that accompanies and guides the user through the process of…


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The Internet has revolutionized the communication process for humans by enabling advancement of technological innovations. One such innovation includes the expansion into Artificial Intelligence or AI. …

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Words serve as a powerful medium for humans to connect, express and invoke emotions within ourselves and amongst others. Emotive writing attempts to form a bond through use of the right words that express feelings. As readers we tend to instantly agree with the content that nurtures our emotions.


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Boundaries are invisible psychological borders created by an individual, to protect oneself from the unknown. These borders are not a definitive containment zone that determine a person’s limitations.

Exploration of the unknown, requires willingness to step out of the currently habituated way of life, to tap into creativity in order…


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A Design in its most basic sense is the offering of a form of solution to a problem.

It’s purpose is to reduce complications in the most practical and efficient manner. Finding an inspiration for a design is but only the first step of the…

Redington Cloud website

Redington is a popular, legacy IT solutions provider, well-known for being the official vendor for Apple in India. They recently launched a cloud technology division, that has quickly garnered vendors, partners and customers all over India and overseas. We had been working closely with them for more than 2 years…

In today’s world where everything is accessible at our fingertips, having a website (a place where all your products/services can be found on the internet) for your customers is important. …

Appearances can be deceiving.

We watch businesses rise and fall all the time. If you are someone who keenly follows the startup ecosystem across the world, such occurrences isn’t surprising anymore. But occasionally we learn about a business whose rise and fall is hard to digest. To be honest, the rise not so much…

The Abilene Paradox: a group can embark on a course of action no member wants through a mix of conformity and inability to know others' feelings

Via the excellent @sketchplanator


Fascinating eye tracking experiment by Breeze that shows we tend to follow the gaze of others - a simple tactic for websites to harness

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