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A great experience is the product of many small, well thought gestures put together.

MICROCOPY — What is it?

Microcopy as the name suggests is the ‘tidbits of copy’ that accompanies the digital and human interface on digital products to provide a fluid, engaging and delightful user experience.

It is the key communication factor that accompanies and guides the user through the process of completing the task they wish to execute through the resources offered by the product.

How did Microcopy come into EXISTENCE?

Have you ever wondered about the saying, “life goes on in circles”? Well it’s true!

We are in fact repeating and improvising on the age-old innovations.

The entire “MICROCOPY” blow out that is occurring amongst designers and digital product developers recently is in fact a transformative concept built upon the neolithic pattern labels on clay vessels that were used by traders to interact with each other. They used clay markings on packages to keep track and indicate the type of products they were trading.

These clay markings might seem like a small detail, but it helped evolve the first ever written numerals and alphabets that we now use as the means of interaction globally.

The digital revolution we are witnessing right now is also based on the same fundamental concept of clay markings. The Call to Action (CTA) buttons, links, labels etc contain text on them to indicate what happens when the user chooses to click on it. This text is ‘Microcopy’ and although it seems elementary, it is responsible for impacting the user experience which eventually goes on to determine the reputation of the product.

Why is Microcopy SIGNIFICANT?

With the current need for us to distance ourselves from face to face interaction, we have switched to depend upon digital transactions of empathy. This transformation has led the digital world to step up its game to cope with the highly demanding standards of human relationships causing these outbursts that focus on humanizing technology.

The best marketing strategy is to allow the product to speak for itself. This is precisely what microcopy does! UX as always is focused on meeting the end user needs. Adding text humanizes the UX encouraging users to spend more quality time with the digital interface you have created.

As humans we have always strived to build a smooth and easy lifestyle that requires minimum effort. UX microcopy ensures smooth transition of users through their digital tasks. It helps them get their desired outcome by channeling them through a well defined path through simple communication.

APPRECIATING Good Microcopy.

Good Microcopy is one that speaks your user’s language. It is compact and simple and well aware of the tone of your brand.

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Look into Airbnb’s design. In the search bar, the text urges the user to give their product a try. It is creative, precise and informative.

It is not enough for Microcopy to be well worded and creative. It needs to fulfill its purpose to guide the user through their errand. It needs to address all the possible situations its user might encounter and help override them through clear directions.

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PicMonkey is a photo editor. The UX copy gives suggestions as to why the user is unable to load their image and provides solutions to override the problem.

Confirmation messages help keep your users satisfied with their tasks.

Instagram updates users, informing them that they have caught up with all the posts.

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These simple gestures let users appreciate your product.

Embrace your Microcopy

Writing Microcopy is an art that combines three major perspectives: Content, UX and Marketing. Every little word on your product interacts with your users and is therefore important to make it as charming as possible while also ensuring it performs the necessary role.

Remember, Good Experience is equal to retaining your users and ultimately gaining the upper hand in brand promotion and expansion. Microcopy is an important aspect you need to conquer for painting a memorable image of your brand.

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