The Common Crazy Mistakes Kids Make With Dogs
The Common Crazy Mistakes Kids Make With Dogs

There are certain mistakes kids make with dogs and when the family dog turns on a child, nobody’s happy. The incident can be as mild as a tooth scratching the skin or as tragic as a fatal mauling. Such acts seem incomprehensible but some parents refuse to look at the unpalatable truth. In most cases, the child provoked the attack. Despite this, the dog involved is usually euthanized or given to a shelter.

At the heart of the problem are unfair expectations and ignoring the canine thinking process. Parents expect pets to have endless patience with children, while in the canine world, dogs allow things up to a point before disciplining another dog. …

A beautiful Siamese was handed in this week at the Effingham County Animal Shelter. Stuck to her collar was a note. When the staff unfolded the A4 paper, it set in motion of events that would lead to Violet’s adoption.

Her flowery name was on the note. Written in purple marker, a little girl called Lacey told the cat’s story. Apparently she either found the Siamese or Violet used to be her cat. But either way, the child was not allowed to keep the pet.

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Effingham County Animal Shelter and Control

In the letter, Lacey said goodbye to Violet and that she wished that she could keep her. Then the girl addressed the new owner, telling this person that she chose the cat’s name and asked that the animal be well cared for. …

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A velcro dog is a wonderful thing for people desiring a constant companion. They’re also a bit annoying to those who value their space and privacy. The term was loosely coined by the canine community to describe a pet that sticks to its owner like a piece of velcro. You know the type. They stalk you in the bathroom. They lovingly gaze into your eyes the moment you wake up. Then you realize Fido had been standing there for a long time, waiting for you to stop snoring. Which is both adorable and creepy.

Velcros are either born or made. Indeed, certain breeds are wired to attach themselves to a single person. They don’t care about gender, age or looks. They pick a favorite person, who then becomes the center of their universe. A good example is the Border Collie. The iconic black-and-white dog was specifically bred to work with a farmer. Other breeds like Bull Terriers and Dachshunds also tend to act like glue. That being said, genetics only tells one side of the story. Under the right circumstances, any dog can morph into a velcro. The reasons are interesting. …


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