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The Common Crazy Mistakes Kids Make With Dogs

There are certain mistakes kids make with dogs and when the family dog turns on a child, nobody’s happy. The incident can be as mild as a tooth scratching the skin or as tragic as a fatal mauling. Such acts seem incomprehensible but some parents refuse to look at the unpalatable truth. In most cases, the child provoked the attack. Despite this, the dog involved is usually euthanized or given to a shelter.

At the heart of the problem are unfair expectations and ignoring the canine thinking process. Parents expect pets to have endless patience with children, while in the…

A beautiful Siamese was handed in this week at the Effingham County Animal Shelter. Stuck to her collar was a note. When the staff unfolded the A4 paper, it set in motion of events that would lead to Violet’s adoption.

Her flowery name was on the note. Written in purple marker, a little girl called Lacey told the cat’s story. Apparently she either found the Siamese or Violet used to be her cat. But either way, the child was not allowed to keep the pet.

Effingham County Animal Shelter and Control

In the letter, Lacey said goodbye to Violet and…

A velcro dog is a wonderful thing for people desiring a constant companion. They’re also a bit annoying to those who value their space and privacy. The term was loosely coined by the canine community to describe a pet that sticks to its owner like a piece of velcro. You know the type. They stalk you in the bathroom. They lovingly gaze into your eyes the moment you wake up. Then you realize Fido had been standing there for a long time, waiting for you to stop snoring. Which is both adorable and creepy.

Velcros are either born or made…

Let’s call her Rosie. This sweet Labrador is pushing her golden years. That’s right, our imaginary dog is between eight and ten years old, perhaps even older. She’s not sterilized but her case is not unique and certainly not rare. Millions of elderly dogs remain capable of having puppies. The reasons could be financial, living for years as a stray or owners never realizing the operation’s importance. When a family wants to make the appointment but their dog is old, age is naturally a concern.

When looking at a gray-lipped pet, the idea of subjecting them to a serious, invasive…

Have you ever experienced a time when a dog is just staring into space as if there’s someone there? Or perhaps your dog is running towards something, barking at something you can’t see? Why do you think dogs would sometimes bark at something that seems invisible? Or might there be ghosts lurking?

Over the years, there are numerous videos and documentations of dogs who allegedly see spirits or other entities.

However, films and television programs are tricky things — aside from the fact that they deal mainly with fiction, they can easily convince you to believe in their stories.


There are many food allergens in dogs, over the course of time, as dogs evolved to become more domesticated, they’ve been fed low-grade and processed dog foods that exposed them to unnecessary fillers.

Therefore, improper and inadequate diet is one of the factors. Also, if either parent is allergic to certain foods, their puppy will most likely inherit them. Hence, genes are another factor.

Vaccination is also responsible for food allergies because vaccines contain animal protein as well as plant-based oils.

When these ingredients enter the dog’s digestive system in the form of food, the dog’s immune system fights back…

Whales Could Save The Earth From A Climate Disaster

Planet Earth is teetering on the verge of disaster. Too much carbon is cooking the world, causing it to heat up. This process, also known as global warming or climate change, has already wreaked havoc for years. If this environmental downslide is allowed to continue, things could get much worse and even threaten life on Earth as we know it. Scientists are hard at work to find safe ways to remove the carbon from the air. Some options, like planting a lot of trees, can help but not fast enough. …

Forget The 7-Year Rule. Here's How To Calculate Your Dog's Human Age.

Nearly all dog owners are guilty of performing the math. We look at our beloved pooches and wonder how old they are in human years. For a long time, the 7-year rule provided the answer. Owners simply multiplied their pet’s biological years by seven. In other words, a two-year-old dog is the equivalent of a 14-year-old teenager. In 2019, scientists ousted the popular method as a myth. Instead, they came up with a new formula using genetics.

The researchers published their work on bioRxiv, which is a great scientific analysis for anyone interested in seeing the actual paper. But here’s…

Science says our cats understand us fine, they just choose to ignore us

We all know that our dogs understand every word we say, and hang on our every word, eager to please. On the other hand, we often say our cats are aloof, and maybe not as intelligent as dogs.

However, a study from the University of Tokyo, Japan, has shown that cats are perfectly capable of picking out their own name from other words. The scientists used 78 cats, from ordinary households and from a cat cafe.

The investigators recorded the cats’ names, along with other nouns. Both sets of words were spoken by the owners and also by the investigators…

Logic dictates that fishes would hesitate to leave the water. After all, these wet pets cannot breathe air nor have a good time on the livingroom carpet. Despite this, nearly all aquarium enthusiasts — especially those starting out in the hobby — might walk into the room and find a fish flopping on the floor. Worse, one that’s already dried up and dead. Even tanks that come with lids experience fish that behave more like jumping beans than guppies. In such cases, they’ll hit the lid and injure themselves.

Why they try to escape?

Fear not, your fish aren’t insane. They’re escaping for valid reasons…

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