Thoughts on Balance.. Pure Cliche

Hey Guys,

So I am quite nervous in writing this, because let’s be honest writing really isn’t my forte but I am willing to give it a go.

Pretty much everyone knows a particular lunatic that works literally 24–7, striving to be what their interpretation of being a hard working person is or better provider. This got me thinking, I wanted to understand what actually goes on inside their heads.. Where exactly do they get this infinite amount of drive, energy and love of their virtue?

I use to be the person that had this drive to be the most perfect human being in world.. sports, education, social life, appearance; but now I see the world in a different light. I’m not sure whether it is an indirect sense of paddling against the flow or just my sheer determination not to fall down the slippery slope of becoming sucked up into living work and not living my life.

Flicking through twitter, one of Dann Petty tweets stood out to me, stating how Physically crippled he had become spending multiple hours at a desk and the madness of how long his hours were and just how tired he said he was.

A moment within me kind of clicked. Yes I do train and try to keep myself in the best shape I possibly can. Yes, I do want to be the best designer I can be for the people who depend on me, most certainly. Yes, I do want to learn and educate myself to the very day my heart stops. But it is all about BALANCE (as cliche as it sounds). I read a quote not so long ago:

“It’s the quality of time at work that counts and the quantity of time at home that matters.”

After reading it, I just could not get it out of my head. To be the most productive person I can be, be present in your office less hours, get in earlier and out earlier and just have fun, you may be designing someones product, but relax, your trusted to do an amazing job ✌🏽