Wooy, a free participation platform!

We’re Wooy, the first web3 that allows you to participate for free for a chance to win incredible prizes. Yes, you’ve read correctly: it’s free.

We implement the latest blockchain innovations to offer our users a lossless participation model. Yes, not only do you enter our unique competitions but you also get all your money back. And it’s a very easy mechanism!

How does it work?

With the security and transparency guaranteed through blockchain, we have created an effortless system. You simply stake your funds for a chance to win once in a lifetime experiences, meet your favorite celebrities, and that’s it! Whenever you want, you can withdraw your initial funds or leave them to automatically participate for the next prize. The longer you stake your funds, the more interests you generate. This interest becomes donations to charitable causes, contributing to the achievement of the current sustainable development goals.

This is simple and secure, backed by a decentralized financial network with protocols that protect individuals. A no-brainer based on three main pillars:

  • You can withdraw your funds whenever you want, we’re non-custodial.
  • Your funds generate donations.
  • You can win extraordinary prizes.

If you are currently holding tokens, this is an exciting opportunity to participate in great competitions and generate donations without risking your capital.

A world for everyone

Our mission is to create a for-profit organization that encourages users to donate and create impact in a simple and creative way.

The revolutionary advances such as blockchain and defi are changing the way the financial world is administered and monitored. We take advantage of these technologies and give them purposeful use. This innovative approach to fundraising is financially secure and allows us to reward participants with memorable prizes in the physical world as well as in the metaverse.

Stay tuned, we’re coming up with exciting news.

Learn more about Wooy here.



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