indicative of the kind of elitism that handed Trump the presidency
Pumpkin Spice Politics
Rebecca McCarthy

LMAO. Not even in the slightest! Nowhere does the word “Trump” appear in my filing except for references to…the original Slate story going after The Skimm (“The Skimm Is the Ivanka Trump of Newsletters). More importantly, nowhere did I conflate criticizing The Skimm with Trump winning the presidency. As for my single reference to elitism (the entire crux of this story?), it was:

“Castigating people for getting to those news sources because you find the medium disagreeable is elitist bullshit of the worst stripe.”

Again, nothing to do with Trump so much as my own annoyance with ostentatious ur-Brooklyn Literati cocktail party noise about what everyone else is reading that wouldn’t make its way into a Whit Stillman throwaway scene. The irony, here: It’s The Skimm’s frothing critics who keep drawing it next to Trump voters. I mean, I get the logic (“The Skimm Readers = Stupid People = Trump Voters”), but it’s also comically reductive, and about as middlebrow a troll as anything The Skimm’s ever run.

I don’t think The Skimm’s this great thing. I think it’s reductive—like so much of the internet generally is—and it’s about as ephemeral and inconsequential as any Buzzfeed list or milquetoast aggregation from any number of sites. But its positioning as a conversational dartboard for people in media among the plenty of other targets is absurd projection, usually about one’s own relevance. But I’m pretty sure I can promise the small number of people still here, who indeed feel passionately about The Scourge That Is The Skimm, that no, The Skimm will not replace Jacobin. Or The Awl. Or The Baffler. We’re all gonna be fine.

I have no idea why we’re still here.

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