One of macronutrients fueling the company and the product development at Notch is the customer feedback. Customer feedback may come from many sources, but recently we were lucky to add a principally new one: peer-reviewed articles and published academic research.

Product reviews in tech and mainstream media provide the perspective on the the first contact with the product. App-store reviews are the source of feedback on user experience, usability and emotional design. Customer and tech support interactions are the lines into the daily life of the product. …

We are updating Notch Pioneer app for iOS.

The list of improvements:

  • Improvements to Calibration & Recording setup procedures;
  • Improvements to real time capture procedure;
  • Support later download for incomplete / failed downloads;

New version of Notch Pioneer app is out in the App Store. This version includes fixes and improvements of the calibration process.

  • Fixes and adjustments to the calibration process
  • Updates to the sensor calibration for various conditions to improve the visualization results.

Notch Interfaces Inc.

New update to Notch Companion App is out on Google Play Store.

The update includes:

  • Improved Firmware Update
  • Ability to skip Steady Pose for recordings done in the same session
  • Updates and fixes to UI.

Download Notch Companion app.

Notch Firmware V. 84 addresses stability fixes and enables extra-long recordings (over 30 minutes).

Update your notches to latest firmware in My Notches section.

Important: Always make sure all your notches are updated to the latest firmware!

Have you ever tried to force your skis to turn or even slow down on the last part of a turn on an icy slope? Have you thought that by applying more force in the end of the turn, you will be able to control your skis better and make a good turn? If so, this assumption was wrong. It is impossible to get a good and smooth grip at the very end of the turn simply by being aggressive and making the effort. …

Today we are releasing new update for the Notch Companion app. This update brings overall stability and connection improvements and, based on your feedback — new features..

Config Builder allows to customize notch measurement setup to your needs. Add new configurations, organize configs by tags, add measured equipment or even new segments to the avatar.

Joint Angles descriptions. Naming convention of the joint angles now reflect terminology accepted in biomechanics. This improvement also applies to exported files.

Movement analysis in skiing is entering a new era, and this is the first in a series of posts where we will share insights from using high-end technology used by the Federation of Hungarian Ski Instructors in training instructors, guests, and members of its Demonstration Team during season opening camps in the Austrian Alps.

A national demonstration team is intended to represent the preferred skiing technique of the given ski instructors’ federation. …

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