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Time Locker Weekly Update — 10th-16th September 2018

Time Locker is a French micro brand created for the gentleman adventurer. Our first three watches are inspired by a legendary diving watch worn by the French combat divers (Marine Nationale) during the 50's.

To help us transform this project into reality, we will launch our automatic dive watches thanks to a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

We are publishing here our behind-the-scenes, to give you a sneak peek at our work.

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During my last meeting with our manufacturing partner, I was informed that quick release straps based on our quality and design requirements would be hard to find. If we wish to equip the straps with the quick release feature, we need to invest in the tools necessary to manufacture these straps. The tooling charges are above US$1,000 per strap. This will have to be spent before the Kickstarter campaign.

Since this project is self-funded, I decided not to go with a quick release strap. My goal is to have a successful Kickstarter campaign. Therefore, I prefer to invest more in the marketing budget to increase brand awareness. Thus increase the chance to fully fund the Kickstarter campaign.

Our straps will still be of high quality. You will have the following options:

  • A sporty silicone strap, ideal for water sports.
  • NATO straps for a classic yet adventurous look.
  • A vegetable tanned Italian leather strap.

To facilitate the change of strap, the watch will come with a small tool to help you to change your strap quickly.

On a side note, I am also exploring leather straps from Horween Leather Co.

Social Media
Followers: We have now reached over 500 followers on Instagram. That’s a great news for us. Thanks to all our followers for your support. If you are still not following Time Locker, I invite you to join our our community on Instagram (Instagram link).

Pictures: I started to experiment with product photography with the Kouriles.

The Kouriles

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