Dear backers,

By now, all of you should have received your Vigos. We hope you’ve been enjoying using Vigo! For some backers, Vigo has been functioning fine while for other backers, there has been difficulty getting Vigo in the right position to pick up blinks correctly. In this update we’ll provide a few tips on how to position Vigo.

Vigo is out of place if:

1. You’re stuck on the page that says “Vigo is picking up your blinks”

2. The app tells you to recalibrate or readjust Vigo

3. You’re getting a reading of 0 on the app


Dear backers,

The first batch of 500 Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers have already started to receive their Vigos, and a new batch of 200 units have just been sent out today. We’ve received a lot of comments and emails from users who have already received their Vigo with questions on how to use the device correctly, and we would like to address these issues in this update. Below are some of the common questions we’ve received, in order of frequency.

How to I put on Vigo?

Vigo comes with 2 ear grips and 6 ear gels in different sizes…

Dear Vigo backers,

We have great news — Vigo has started to ship! We sent Vigo off to our shipping company on November 12th, and Vigo started being sent to over 600 backers in 36 countries across 6 continents that same day. You will each receive your tracking number shortly by email. Please note that custom etched versions of Vigo are still in the making and will be shipping out later this week.

If you still have not filled out your address and colour preference, please do so as soon as possible via Kickstarter’s address survey, or by emailing us…

Dear backers,

We have an exciting update to inform you — after a year of delays, mass production of Vigo is finally under way! Here’s a behind-the-scenes view of what’s going on straight from the factory production line.

Assembly line

Our factory assigned over a dozen assembly line workers to work on Vigo’s first production batch of 1800 units. These workers are each in charge of a specific task including soldering, assembly, gluing, flashing firmware, Bluetooth calling testing, visual inspection, and charging. Here’s a short video of the whole process.

Here are some close-up shots of the processes involved.

Hi backers,

As promised, we are about to ship out your Vigo’s in early November in batches, which means as early as next week! To that end we need your most recent address since you last filled our survey. If you’ve moved since you last provided us with your address, please click on your profile in the top right corner of the Kickstarter page, click on “Backed Projects”, select Vigo, choose the Survey tab, and edit your address from there.

If you still haven’t filled our the address survey, please do so as soon as possible or you won’t receive your Vigo!

You have until Friday October 30th 5pm PST to make changes to your address, then we will be closing the surveys.


The Vigo Team

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Hi backers!

It’s been a while since our last update. We apologize for the wait. In this post we will walk you through our progress regarding the final production and potential challenges.

As you may remember from previous updates, we have been working with a local Bluetooth headset factory in Shenzhen, China on R&D and manufacturing since last November. The first two test batches revealed some structural design and circuit problems, which we hoped to resolve in the third — as well as the last — test batch (T2). In August we planned to manufacture 100 T2 devices within a…

Final Production Run and New Design

Hi backers!

It’s been a while since our last update. The good new is that we just finished our T2 test batch — the last test batch, and are moving forward to final production!

T2 test batch

We have experienced some issues with T2 devices previously, which caused a two-week delay. One major challenge was the inconsistency in color among white devices. Due to material compositions of ABS (hard plastic) and TPE (soft plastic), it was difficult to obtain a uniform white color. In addition, the injection molding process and the glue could potentially yellow the materials. Fortunately, with the help of our…

Hi backers, greetings from San Francisco!

The past two weeks have been hectic for us: With the help of our factory, we assembled and tested 14 fully functional prototypes for the second test batch T1. Three Vigo team members then flew to San Francisco with the devices to kick off our beta test — Vigo Pioneer X Program. In this update we’ll briefly walk you through how Vigo’s made on the assembly line and current status of our beta test.

The major purpose of having this test batch is to see how easily the factory workers can make the devices…

Hi backers,

Here’s the questionnaire we put together for our upcoming beta test — Vigo Pioneer X Program! If you are interested in participating, please click on the link below and fill out the form by June 7.


Vigo Team

Pre-beta update

Hi backers!

We know it’s been a long time since you last heard from us; in this update not only will we walk you through our recent progress, we’ll also make an important announcement regarding our upcoming beta test!


When we first started this project, we did a survey on color preferences for Vigo and a third of you chose white. Although only doing black devices would be easier for us, we want every one of our backers to get the device that s/he has been waiting for. White plastic parts are likely the most difficult to manufacture among all…


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