Update 12: Algorithm Development · Meet Vigo, the very first energy gauge — for you.

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The past two weeks were Chinese New Year holidays so our factory and some collaborators took a break — but now they’re all back at work! In this short update we would like to provide some info on our algorithm development progress. As we mentioned in the last update, we’ve been collaborating with Dr. Jibo He, an assistant professor in the psychology department at Wichita State University (WSU) primarily doing fatigue driving related studies.

Dr. Jibo He featured on WSU’s homepage

Dr. He received his PhD’s degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2012 and has served as assistant professor at WSU since then. During his time at University of Illinois, he also worked as user experience researcher at State Farm. Apart from being a psychologist who reads people’s minds on a daily basis, he’s also a technology enthusiast and a self-taught mobile app developer. Both his academic and industrial experience focused on developing mobile apps for driving fatigue and distraction detection. In addition, he also holds three patents relevant to fatigue driving detection. We’re all thrilled to have Dr. He on board.

Dr. He runs a simulated driving lab that allows him to recruit subjects to participate in the experiment and collect data. The current experiment requires the subjects to wear a Vigo device and drive the simulator for three hours straight. Dr. He and his student researchers will ask the subjects to rate Vigo’s fit, comfort, and other metrics over the course of three hours to get quantitative feedback. Meanwhile, Vigo will record data indicating subjects’ blink patterns and head movements. In addition to simulated driving experiment, Dr. He will also help us conduct on-road tests to explore how Vigo performs under real driving circumstances. We’ll then analyze the data and improve the preliminary algorithm we have now.

Vigo team member killing the simulated driving task at Dr. He’s lab

Dr. He’s expertise has proven to be extremely helpful when we were designing the experiment together. From what questions to ask the subjects and how to ask them, to what preparations are needed prior to the experiment and which factors should be taken into account in data analysis, he has provided invaluable insights on several matters that are of great importance to our algorithm development.

On a separate (and exciting) note, our Vigo team has been growing! Joe, our new electrical engineer, quit Qualcomm to join us. When he was working at the headquarter of Qualcomm in San Diego, he was involved in developing a chip that sold more than a billion units worldwide. Yang, who’s in charge of finance, has previously worked at JPMorgan in Hong Kong. That’s pretty much it for now. Once again, thanks for your patience and support and we’ll keep you posted!

Spoiler: you’ll hear from us soon about molding and all the get-your-hands-dirty stuff.

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