Update 16: Assembly and Beta Test

Hi backers, greetings from San Francisco!

The past two weeks have been hectic for us: With the help of our factory, we assembled and tested 14 fully functional prototypes for the second test batch T1. Three Vigo team members then flew to San Francisco with the devices to kick off our beta test — Vigo Pioneer X Program. In this update we’ll briefly walk you through how Vigo’s made on the assembly line and current status of our beta test.

The major purpose of having this test batch is to see how easily the factory workers can make the devices on an assembly line, which is an important measure of manufacturability. Ultimately, when producing thousands or even more units, it won’t be feasible to have our own engineers who know the product the best to build them by hand. A good design for assembly should follow three basic rules: First, it should be trackable — if the devices malfunction, the design should allow the engineers to identify what and when went wrong on the assembly line. Second, the design should be nonlinear, meaning that the device can be divided into several subassemblies rather than a whole piece from start to end. Third, the device should be designed for disassembly for easy troubleshooting. Given the importance of the assembly process, our factory put together an assembly line consisting of workers with different skill sets to build our products. Our engineers were also involved throughout the entire process to make observations in order to perfect the design. Below are some pictures of the assembly process.

Vigo assembly line
Factory worker inserting speakers
Vigo electrical engineer testing devices

First we would like to extend our sincere thanks to those who volunteered to participate in our beta test program. It’s incredible that some of our backers are willing to use their spare time to help us improve Vigo. Among them, Karil was the first one that we had the pleasure to meet! Karil has long been one of our most active and supportive backers, and we were all very excited to have her in our SF office on Sunday. Karil worked with us for two hours and provided some really useful feedback on the overall user flow, the design of the device, and how to make it fit different facial structures in a comfortable way. While Karil reassured us that she really liked the product and would like to have one as soon as it’s available in the market, she also pointed out where the device needed improvements. We look forward to meeting and collecting feedback from more of our backers because, after all, we made Vigo for YOU.

Karil giving us feedback on Vigo
Karil wearing Vigo like a champ

In addition to our recent progress, we would also like to update you on our schedule: Moving forward, we have another — also the last — test batch T2 coming up at the end of this month. Meanwhile, we’ll be working in parallel on the color experimentation and selection of our white Vigo. The final batch, where your Vigo will be produced, will follow right after all the T2 devices are tested. Looking at the current timeframe, our new ship date should be around the end of August. Again, we appreciate your patience and support and will keep you updated if anything comes up.

- Vigo Team -

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